Come and join us for a hilarious (and a bit naughty) evening of Drag Bingo!

Hosted by the fabulous Jessica James and her special surprise guest, the bingo is rude, fun and easy to play.  If you’re not into bingo, you don’t have to play.  Just laugh along and enjoy the food and the show.


7pm (dinner first) at Mollies Bar & Diner – 103 Smith St, Fitzroy.

Bingo is free, food and drinks are purchased from the bar at your expense.
(Pricing around $10-$20 for a meal – HUGE $12 parmas on bingo night!)

Jessica and the other patrons love it when we dress up, so please BLING UP and look as fabulous as possible (we have to try and outshine the Drag Queens!)  Please bring a kazoo if you have one! (if you don’t, you can purchase them from Obsi at

RSVP to Obsi by 5th November

(What is Drag Bingo?  – It’s bingo but with rude/crude callings, hosted by Drag Queens! )

Please note this venue is up a full flight of stairs.  Expect a LOT of swearing smutty language and for the Drag Queens to fawn over the young gay men!   Expect to laugh so much your face will hurt! (and on that note, the toilets are unisex, but so are the ones at home – so don’t let that scare you off!).    It is VERY popular so we are packed in a bit like sardines and speaking of sardines, the kitchen is small so food can take a while to arrive (some will finish theirs before others have arrived) but the meals are reasonably priced, generous sizings and pretty tasty, so it’s worth the wait.   There is only street parking, although being midweek you should find parking pretty easy to find in side streets.  It is advisable to carpool however (more fun too!).

If that hasn’t turned you off, and I hope it doesn’t – then I’m sure you’ll have a FABULOUS time!
(and don’t say I didn’t warn you ;))