We have created some BINGO sheets for you to print out!

The cards have both the picture of the item and the name of it, to help identify what the picture is.  We’ve included the call cards as well (Little cards that can be put into a bowl to call from).

You will need something to use as markers.  If you’d like to be able to reuse these bingo cards, we would suggest using something like the plastic bingo tokens you can buy on ebay.  Or large sequins, glass decorator pebbles, buttons, coins, Smarties/M&Ms or any other such item.

You can download a printable pdf file that has all the bingo sheets sized to print 2 to an A4 page, with calling cards and instructions.

~ Download Bingo sheets for up to 10 players ~
~ Download Bingo sheets for up to 20 players ~
~ Download Bingo sheets for up to 30 players ~
~ Download Bingo sheets for up to 40 players ~
~ Download Bingo sheets for up to 50 players ~  (Coming soon!)


To use this bingo set.

  • Download the file above  for the number of player cards you want.  Each player should have a unique card, so if you have 14 people for example, download the 20 card set and use 14 of the cards from that.  Don’t double up or you’ll have 2 people who can win Bingo!
  • Print out 1 copy of each page.
  • To make a durable reusable set, laminate all pages (except the instruction page).
  • Cut the bingo sheet pages in half to make separate bingo sheets (Cut out the bingo cards around the red border to make a nicer looking set).
  • Cut out the call cards along the black lines into separate pieces – these have one of each of the symbols on them, you can place them in a bowl/container to draw from.
  • Store your set in a bag or box to keep everything together.

To play bingo, the caller selects a card (without looking) and calls out the symbol/picture on it.  Any player with that on their bingo sheet can mark that off.

There are 3 ways you can play…

A player can call “bingo” when they have a line (diagonal, vertical or horizontal) marked off that includes the “free space” centre square.

If you wish, you can eliminate that blank square rule and have bingo be any line of 5 squares.

Or you could have “bingo” be any line of 5 squares, but offer a different prize if the line includes the “free space” centre square.


Update:  If you’ve previously downloaded these bingo cards before, please download this new set – These bingo cards were handmade, and while I’ve tried to make sure there are no duplicate symbols on each card – I have found there were some cards with duplicates – so I’ve remade the set to fix that.  I’m pretty sure there are no duplicates now, but if you do find one (my apologies!) let me know so I can fix them.

I’ve now numbered each bingo sheet to make it easier for you to make sure each person has a unique card.

This new set also includes 2 extra symbols than the old set (because the calling cards weren’t making an even number of squares on the printout, so I added 2 more to balance it nicely!)