Red Hats Victoria



Melbourne – Ladies Who Lunch

Chapter Name: Ladies who lunch
Queen: Queen RSVP (Lilian)

Our chapter is active in the city of Melbourne. Members come from many locations and we warmly welcome interstate and overseas redhat ladies. Our functions are held in the day times only, but we look for variety in outings. Outings are normally held on a monthly basis.

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Lysterfield – Red Bonnie Belles

Chapter Name: Red Bonnie Belles
Queen: Lady Red Rosebud (Phoebe)

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Geelong – Bayside Belles

Chapter Name: Bayside Belles
Queen: Queen Suzy Q (Suzanne)

Our motto is “Where the fun starts and continues “

Contact: Phone: 0417385196 Email:

Daylesford – Sirens of the Spa

Chapter Name: Sirens of the Spa
Queen:  Helena

Contact:  Email:

Lake Charm – Ruby Red Charmers

Chapter Name: Ruby Red Charmers
Queen: Queen Christine

Membership: Open (Accepting new members)

Contact Chapter:  Ph: 0458 038 333   Email:

Muckleford – Merry Muckups

Chapter Name: Merry Muckups
Queen: Jan Summerhayes

Contact: Ph:0418356244  Email:

Tumbarumba – Tumba Belles

Chapter Name: Tumba Belles
Queen: (Amanda)


The Wandering Wenches of Victoria

Chapter Name: The Wandering Wenches of Victoria
Queen: Queen Morgana (Rene)

We use the Bundoora Hotel Morning Melodies – first Monday in every month, as our regular meeting spot with lunch at Café Lucia afterwards.  This was decided on as we all come from different areas, including one from Ballarat. We meet nearly every week and our itinerary is as varied as we can make it.

Membership: Open (Accepting new members)

Contact Chapter:  Ph: 0413 526 508 Email:


Riddells Creek – The Royal Ladies Of Riddells Creek

Chapter Name: The Royal Ladies Of Riddells Creek
Queen: Queen Sapphire

Membership: Open (Accepting new members)

Contact Chapter:  Ph: 0401000972 Email:

Holbrook NSW – Natter Hatters

Chapter Name: Natter Hatters
Queen: Queen Ella

Membership: Open (Accepting new members)

Contact Chapter: Email:

Rubies & Pearls of Kilmore

Chapter Name: Rubies & Pearls of Kilmore
Queen: Queen Janesca (Jan)

Membership: Open (Accepting new members)

Contact Chapter:  Phone: 0419509040 Email:

Portland – Portland Bay Babes

Chapter Name: Portland Bay babes
Queen: Her Babeness (Trista)

Membership: Open (accepting new members)

Contact Chapter:  Phone: 0417 375 346 (Text message please) Email:

Yarra Valley – Yarra Valley Reds

Chapter Name: Yarra Valley Reds (Chapter 77928)
Queen: Queen Clownabout (Jan)

yarravalleyreds_Queen  yarravalleyreds_1

Membership: Closed (not accepting new members)
Description: Our Chapter has been going since 2008 and we have closed our membership at 15. Although I live in Wesburn our ladies are spread over the Yarra Valley but mainly in Healesville.


Contact Chapter: Email:

Yarra Junction – Gaggle of Gigglers

Chapter Name: Gaggle of Gigglers
Queen:  Queen Camillia (Christine)

Contact:  Phone: 5964 3133 Email:

wunghnu – Lambs of One Ewe

Chapter Name: Lambs of One Ewe
Queen:  Queen Stitchalot (Marg)


Contact:  Phone:  58622039      Mobile: 0419875994 Email:

Warrnambool – Southern Belles

Chapter Name: Southern Belles
Queen:  Queen Lady Jan (Jan)

Contact:  Phone: 0407349142 Email:

Warrnambool – Whimsical Witches

Chapter Name: Whimsical Witches
Queen:  Queen Bee Jean

Contact:  Phone:  5561 2610 Email:

Wangaratta – Wang Gee Spots

Chapter Name: Wang Gee Spots
Queen:  (Wendy)

wang_gee_Queen2 wang_gee_2 wang_gee_4

Membership: Open (new members welcome)

Description: Most of our members between 50 – 65.  We generally meet once a month and rotate organising an outing or event for the month. This may or may not involve a small amount of travel to things happening in the region.

Contact:  Email:

Traralgon – Valley Vintage Reds

Chapter Name: Valley Vintage Reds
Queen: Champagne Carole


Membership: Open (new members welcome)

Description: February 2015 is our 8th birthday. It’s hard to believe that so many years have passed since that first meeting with 12 ladies who were ready to have some fun and stop feeling invisible. We are a real mix of ladies from all walks of life but none of that matters when we have on our purple clothes and our red hats.

Contact Chapter: Phone: 0408290344 Email:


Surrey Hills – Surrey Hills Sophistatarts

Chapter Name: Surrey Hills Sophistatarts
Queen: Queen Lady Pina Colada (Jennifer)

Contact: Jennifer 98789860 or Margaret 98367884 Email:

Sunbury – Rolling Meadow Roses

Chapter Name: Rolling Meadow Roses
Queen: Queen Cherry Blossom (Jan)

Contact:  Phone:  97443326 Email:

Shepparton – Ageless Angels

Chapter Name:  Ageless Angels
Queen: Queen Divine (Heather)


Contact:  Phone: 58254553 Email:

Rowville – Ruby Gumnut Goddesses

Chapter Name: Ruby Gumnut Goddesses
Queen: Queenie Rosalee the Fabulous (Rosalee)


Description: We are a group of fun loving ladies who love to go out on playdates and enjoy ourselves. We are a very busy chapter going all over the place doing all sorts of wonderful fun things. Our chapter is open to new members as we love meeting and making friends with new people. We love being members of the Red Hat Society and spreading the friendship to others.

Contact:  Phone:  9561 3042       Mobile: 0407 150 577  (Leave a message) Email:

Rowville – Ritzy Rosellas

Chapter Name: Ritzy Rosellas
Queen: Margaret

Contact:  Phone: 97631506  M: 0421662119 Email:

Rosebud – Red hat Revellers

Chapter Name: Red Hat Revellers
Queen: Queen Maggie

Membership: Open (new members welcome)

Description: We Have 32 Members, we mostly just go out on the Peninsula, but some of my ladies do attend Conventions. We have at least 3 outings per week, plus a few regulars on the Peninsula. I accept Ladies from Safety Beach to Sorrento.  We have a craft day each month, a movie day in my home in Rosebud each month, plus outings to restaurant’s etc

Contact Chapter:  Phone: 5986 6116  M: 0409337407 Email:

Pakenham – Gypsy Roses

Chapter Name: Gypsy Roses
Queen: Queen Funshine (Anthea)

Contact:  Phone: 0408544834 Email:

Numurkah – Ladies of the Lake

Chapter Name: Ladies of the Lake
Queen: Queen Christine

barooga_Queen-Christine Ladies-of-the-Lake-in-October
Membership: Open (new members welcome)

Description: Our Numurkah Ladies of the Lake have been formed since February this year. A visit from the Barooga Ladies prompted some of the Numurkah ladies to start their own chapter. There is obviously a need as there are 36 members on the list. All very busy ladies who also like to visit other gatherings throughout the state. We meet on the last Monday of the month and have morning tea most times but occasionally we enjoy lunch, especially if we need to travel to the venue. We often meet up with other ladies from around the area and we have been know to sing a few songs at our get togethers.

We recently joined other chapters at Tocumwal for a BIGGEST BREAKFAST. 18 ladies from Shepparton, Cobram, Kyabram, Numurkah, Wunghnu, Finley Numurkah and Barooga came together and enjoyed the food, company and weather. It’s always great to catch up with other chapters.

Contact Chapter:  Phone: 58682388  Mobile: 0407777482 Email:

Mt Eliza – Down Under Scarlett Belles

Chapter Name: Down Under Scarlett Belles
Queen:  Queen Travelot (Vivienne)

  Down_Under_Scarlett_Belles_1 Down_Under_Scarlett_Belles_2

Description: We have been registered for 3 years (as of 2015) and are a very active group – We meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month.  We have now run two very successful conventions.  Queen Travelot is  also an Ambassador for the Red Hat Society.

Contact Chapter:  Email:



Morwell – Gippsland Groovy Grannies

Chapter Name: Gippsland Groovy Grannies
Queen: Queen of Hearts (Pat)


Contact:  Phone:  51344360 Email:

Mornington – Red Hearts

Chapter Name: Red Hearts
Queen: Crafty Queen (Keithia)

Contact:  Phone: 0401976313 Email:

Montrose – Ritzy Reds

Chapter Name: Ritzy Reds
Queen: Ritzy Queen (Gerri)

Membership: Closed to new members

Description: We are The Ritzy Reds of Montrose, have been going since 2005.  We get together once a month, mostly on Fridays…usually for lunch during an outing or at someone’s home. We love to get out and show our colours, enjoy a good laugh and frivolous fun.

Contact:  Email:

Mildura – Sunraysia Murray Darlings

Chapter Name: Sunraysia Murray Darlings
Queen: Queen Poppy
Membership: Open (new members welcome)

Contact:  Phone: 0431824779 Email:

Melton – Legendary Ladies

Chapter Name: Legendary Ladies
Queen: Queen of Merriment & Mischief (Kerry Martin)

Contact:  Phone: 0413 103 074 Email: