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Cruise on Lake Nagambie – 2016

Red hatters of Rubies & Pearls of Kilmore were host to 42 ladies from 7 Victorian chapters on a two hour cruise on Lake Nagambie. This was held on Thursday 24th November.


Due to the huge success of the day, it is planned to be an annual event.

As each lady boarded the Nagambie Explorer vessel, she was presented with a specially prepared post card memento as well as a Christmas gift. Once on board we were given a “safety talk” by Captain Ron as well as him pointing out the well stocked bar. (Stocks were down when we disembarked!!!)


The weather was mild and no rain. A number of ladies took the opportunity to climb up to the sundeck to take in the full view of the water and its’ surrounds.

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Photo Gallery – Queen’s Council

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Arabian17 Arabian18 Arabian19 Arabian21 Arabian22 Arabian23 Arabian24 Arabian25 Arabian27 ArabianNights33

ArabianNights35 ArabianNights38

ArabianNights37 Heather_Arabian18 Heather_Arabian19

ArabianNights36 qq_boxes

Photo Gallery – Puffing Billy

ArabianNights22 Heather_Arabian01

PuffingArabian01 PuffingArabian02

PuffingArabian04 PuffingArabian05

PuffingArabian07 ArabianNights23

Arabian02 Arabian03 Arabian06 Heather_Arabian02
ArabianNights21 PuffingArabian09

ArabianNights25 Heather_Arabian07 ArabianNights24

Heather_Arabian08 PuffingArabian16   PuffingArabian12 PuffingArabian10 ArabianNights26 PuffingArabian17 PuffingArabian18

 ArabianNights32 ArabianNights31

ArabianNights28 ArabianNights29


Arabian07 Arabian08 Arabian09 Arabian10                PuffingArabian19

Photo Gallery – Arabian Nights

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Arabian11 Arabian12

Arabian13 PuffingArabian48

ArabianNights03 ArabianNights12

ArabianNights01 ArabianNights02  ArabianNights05

ArabianNights04  ArabianNights06 ArabianNights09  ArabianNights14

ArabianNights19 ArabianNights20

ArabianNightsFunction1 PuffingArabian22 PuffingArabian38 Heather_Arabian13 PuffingArabian20 PuffingArabian23 PuffingArabian27

Arabian14 PuffingArabian44

PuffingArabian46 PuffingArabian26

PuffingArabian25 PuffingArabian31PuffingArabian28 PuffingArabian30 PuffingArabian32 PuffingArabian34 PuffingArabian35 PuffingArabian36   PuffingArabian40 PuffingArabian41 PuffingArabian42 PuffingArabian43  PuffingArabian50 PuffingArabian52 PuffingArabian54 PuffingArabian55 PuffingArabian58 PuffingArabian61 ArabianNightsFunction2

Performances by Bohka Tribal and Happy Hips Bellydance

Arabian_bohka5 Arabian_bohka6

Arabian_hh3 Arabian_hh4

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