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Printables – promotional

Promotional Cards

These print out twice as long as a business card (can be folded in half to fit into a business card holder) and are designed to give a brief explanation about the Red Hat Society, for times where we’re out and about and someone asks what we are.

Download  (4 cards plus 2 business cards to a page)


Promotional Posters & Flyers

If you would like to print off some posters or flyers to help explain the RHS to people, we have created some you can print at home.  These are not official posters, so are not endorsed by the RHS.


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Printable Business Cards

Basic Business Cards
If you would like to print some business cards for your chapter, and help promote this site as well – you can download and print these on lightweight card paper.

RHV Business Cards  (Business card for this site, you can write your details on the back)

[Download These Business Cards]


Chapter Business Card   (Add your details in the spaces before you print)


[Download These Business Cards]


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