This website lists event details that have been sent in by Hatters to help promote their events within the Hatter community.  If you are holding an event and want to have it listed here, please send the information to

Some points to consider when promoting your event online

  • Privacy of your information (and of your attendees) – While this website is intended for Hatters only, it is a publicly accessible website, so any information you include here is visible to anyone who visits this website.  As such you need to be aware that anything listed here is not private. It is recommended to use a mobile phone number and/or email address as the contact, rather than a home phone number. If you are hosting an event in your home, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to withhold the address and give that to only attendees who have booked/registered, and only accept bookings from people you know are Hatters and can be vouched for.

Furthermore you should be aware that any information you record of your attendees (such as names, phone numbers and addresses) should be used only for the event they registered for and should be kept private.  Eg it is not appropriate to use their email address or phone number to contact them on other matters unless you have their permission to do so.

By having your event listed here on this website, you acknowledge that you are aware that this website is public and that any details you have asked to be included on this website are able to be seen by the general public.  You agree to assume any risk associated with publishing your event information on this website.


  • Include all the necessary information – The information Hatters will need about your event is:  Date, time, location, cost, contact person and how to contact them, how payment is to be made, dress requirements (if other than normal Hatter attire) and what the event is.  Other information may also be needed as well, depending on your event.  If you are withholding the address, you should still give a town name so that Hatters know the area the event will be in.


  • Format of event notices – Some Hatters like to make flyers for attendees to download (especially if an indemnity waiver is included), please be aware that if you provide this as a document file (Word file for example .doc or .docx) some Hatters are unable to open these files (particularly if they only use a mobile phone for internet).  Also any layout and fonts you use may not look the same when opened on the other person’s computer/laptop/phone.  If you can save the information as a .pdf file or image instead, this should be able to be viewed by everyone  — however, the most convenient way for the information to be added to this website is simply emailing the wording so it can be directly copied to here.  Making an image of your flyer is also another easy way for it to be shared in a way everyone can view.

Not all Victorian Hatters check this website, and not all Victorian Hatters are on our facebook group either.  Therefore for maximum exposure for your event it is recommended to:

    • List your event on this website (by emailing the information to
    • List your event as an “event” on our facebook group, so it goes into the facebook event listing.  (You need to list the event yourself)
    • Post (as an image or as a written post) on our facebook group.  (You need to do this yourself, unless you do not use facebook)


  • Registration/booking forms – Some event hosts like to provide a registration form where attendees have to fill out their details and sign a waiver.  This may be a requirement for public liability insurance.  If you do this, please include information about how you would like the information returned.  Whether that be via printing the form out and posting it, emailing the information or other means.

However be aware that booking/registration forms can be problematic for both event hosts and the attending hatters for reasons I’ll highlight here:

    • Some Hatters do not have access to a printer to print off forms.
    • Some Hatters are not computer literate enough to modify documents and send them back electronically (Most people do not have the software required to edit .pdf files electronically)
    • Some Hatters cannot open word (.doc or .docx) files (particularly those who only use a phone for internet)
    • Having handwritten information (Such as phone numbers and email addresses) sent to you can often be very difficult to read

Simply asking attendees to email or message you with their name, phone number and any other information you require may be the easiest way to receive that information.   If you do require handwritten forms, you may be able to request the attendees photograph the completed form and send you the photo.  Requesting chapters book together on the one form may also save time.

— please note that you should never request credit card information be sent via email or facebook messages as that is not a secure method to transmit sensitive information such as credit card information!  Do it over the phone.

If you need a booking form for your event? You can download a basic one Here or one with a pricing section Here


  • Indemnity Waivers – Indemnity forms added with booking forms can be problematic for the reasons stated above.   An alternative to having Hatters complete a waiver at registration may be to have as part of the booking process wording that says that by booking and attending this event, you agree to the terms of the waiver.

A sign-in sheet at the event that includes a waiver may also be a good option regardless of whether your booking form includes one or not – so all those attending have to sign in, which also signs the waiver, as well as providing you with a list of those who actually attended.   You can download a sign-in sheet here.

Also be aware that simply having an indemnity waiver may not be adequate to prevent any liability should an incident happen at the event, so they may actually be worthless.  It is best to seek legal advice on waivers and public liability if you are unsure.


  • Online booking option
    If you don’t need to collect payments from Hatters at the time of booking (or at least don’t need to process the payment through a website), but you need to collect full names and details of the attendees –  another option is to use an online booking website to take the booking – which will allow Hatters to enter their details online in a secure system, where they have typed in the information (less likely to have errors) and you then have a list of those who have booked.  You can always have the Hatters make payment via bank deposit after they have booked online.  There are lots of different online booking sites that offer a free service if you’re not selling the tickets online. is one I have tested out and it seems to offer a good system that allows you to ask for extra details (eg chapter name, preferences and so on).  See an example here –