The Queen’s Council (Queenathon) is an annual event where Queens & Vice Queens can get together to discuss matters/problems related to running a chapter, share ideas for outings/games/events, network and socialise with other Queens.

Handbook_thumbnailFollowing each Queenathon, a summary of the discussions are provided for download.

2016 Summary | 2017 Summary 

2018 Summary | 2019 Summary

A printable “Queen’s Handbook” that includes information on the topics discussed at the Queens Council events, as well a resources from this website and other sources, has been created and is available to download (click here)


(Queen’s Council 2019 – Wodonga)

(Queen’s Council 2018 – Mt Martha)

(Queen’s Council 2017 – Rutherglen)

(Queen’s Council 2016 – Wantirna)


Queen’s Council Frequently Asked Questions

When are they held?  –  Following a vote at the 2016 Queenathon, it was decided that the 3rd or 4th weekend in May each year  (Hosting Queen decides the actual date) was the most suitable date.  The reason being that the start and end of the year are busy times and a lot of people go away in June/July.  The Queen hosting the event can choose which weekend and whether it will be on a Saturday or Sunday.

Note – a vote at the 2018 Queen’s Council voted for them to be hosted on a week day rather than a weekend.

Where are they held? – We alternate each year between a Melbourne area and a Regional area.  As we have chapters all over Victoria this approach was seen to be a good way to have the event in locations that share the travel distances a bit more evenly between our metro and regional chapters.

Who is invited? – Queens, Vice Queens, Former Queens, Future Queens, Acting/Deputy Queens.  So that Queens feel comfortable discussing all issues relating to running a chapter, regular chapter members are not able to attend the event, however someone who is interested in creating their own chapter is welcome to attend, as are Queen Mothers/former Queens and if a Queen wishes to send a deputy that would be permitted.

What if I can’t go? – We realise that it’s not possible for everyone to attend every Queenathon.  For this reason we make a summary available after each event, so that those who were not able to attend, can see what was discussed and any suggestions/ideas given. If a Queen can’t attend we encourage the Vice Queen to still attend.  You may also send a trusted representative from your chapter if no Queen or Vice Queen is able to attend.

What do I wear? – Your Hatting colours – there is no other dresscode.  Some Queens like to have fun and dress up in their Royal attire with crowns and cloaks, but this is just like any other Red Hatting event where some ladies like their bling and accessories and others prefer to dress more casually.  If you look at photos from past Queenathons you will see that as with any event there is a wide range of attire.  You shouldn’t feel out of place no matter what you choose to wear.  it is completely up to you.

How many attendees from each Chapter are invited?  – Unless a particular Queenathon has a limited number of seats, there is no restriction on how many people attend, so long as they are of a Queen/ViceQueen type status.  So if a chapter has more than one Vice Queen (or Queen), they are welcome too.

What do you do at a Queenathon? – Topics for discussion are raised, these may be things like how to get more members in, how to address a problem within a chapter or asking for new ideas for outings/games. Queens then discuss these topics and can make notes.  There will usually be a group photo, raffles/door prizes and a meal.  As each Queenathon is run by a different Queen, the way the event is run may be different each year.

Am I expected to go each year? – All Queens/ViceQueens are encouraged to attend, but it is not compulsory. As with any event, it is often disheartening if attendance is low, and having many Queens attend a Queenathon gives more knowledge and experiences to the group which can be very beneficial.  With the locations alternating there may be some locations that are a long distance away and you may be unable to attend.  We also realise some people are busy, have other commitments and get sick.

Why is it held so far away? – Depending on where in Victoria you are, some years the Queenathon may be quite a distance from you.  It is impossible to always have them located conveniently for all members, so the idea to alternate helps to avoid the same Queens traveling long distances to attend.  Some hosting Queens may arrange billeting accommodation to help those who need to stay overnight.  If you cannot attend one year due to the distance, hopefully the location for the following year will be closer to you.

Why have them? – To make sure that Hatting stays fun and exciting.  Sharing of knowledge and providing a space where Queens can get help from others who may have experienced a similar issue.  While there may be some Queens who feel they don’t need to learn anything new, they could impart knowledge onto newer Queens who would greatly benefit from having more experienced Queens to talk to.