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Active Games

Games suitable for RHS events where the ladies are up and moving.


Famous Couples
A great ice breaker and way for ladies to get to know each other. Have the names of famous couples on separate pieces of paper. Put these into a hat and each person draws one piece of paper. They then have to find who their partner is and get to know them. Examples:

  • Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
  • Prince William & Kate Middleton
  • Kermit & Miss Piggy
  • Barbie & Ken
  • Superman & Lois Lane
  • Mickey & Minnie Mouse
  • John Lennon & Yoko Ono
  • David Beckham & Victoria Beckham
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • Cleopatra & Mark Antony
  • Lancelot & Guinevere
  • Fred Flintstone & Wilma Flintstone


Musical Bag O’ Clothes
Take a large bag (that is not transparent enough to see what’s inside) and fill it with an assortment of odd/unusual types of clothing articles. Items such as bras, swimsuits, girdles, baggy pants, men’s trousers, wigs, hats, etc…. Have the ladies sit in a circle so it’s easy for them to pass the bag around to each other. They pass the bag around in one direction, to music. When the music stops, whoever is holding the bag has to reach in without looking and pull out an item. Whatever they pull out, they have to put on and wear. Continue until you run out of items, then vote on who is wearing the wackiest outfit. You can give a prize.RedPurpleSwirlBar-2

Pantyhose Golf/Bowling
Place a tennis ball in one leg of the pantyhose. You can then have the pantyhose tied around the waist by the empty leg, or wear them on your head (cut off or tuck in the remaining leg). Arms must be held behind your back. For “golf” the ladies need to use the swinging pantyhose to tap a pingpong ball across to the other side of the room. For “Bowling” they need to knock over a series of small water-filled water bottles. The winner is the first one to achieve the goal. Can be run in teams of 2 at a time.


Feather Blowing Game
Give each Hatter a feather. When you say, “GO!” the ladies have to start blowing the feather in the air. Whoever can keep the feather in the air the longest (using only her breath) is the winner. This game can also be played in teams (the team to keep the feather in the air longest using only breath wins)

RedPurpleSwirlBar-2Lucky Seat
A good idea for a lucky door prize (if you don’t have allocated seating) – tape a red ribbon under one seat before anyone arrives. When you want to draw the winner, have everyone stand up and look under their seat.


The Chocolate Game
Have everyone sit around in a circle. A, unwrapped block of chocolate with a knife and fork should be in the centre, along with a hat, scarf and gloves. Everyone takes turns to roll a dice, when someone rolls a 6 they can go into the centre and put on the clothing then use the knife and fork to cut squares of chocolate. They can only eat the chocolate if it has been cut while wearing all the clothing items. While they are dressing and cutting, everyone continues to keep rolling. When someone else rolls a 6, they go into the centre and the first person must take the hat/scarf/gloves off and go back to their place.


Musical Hat
Everyone sits in a circle. A Red hat containing 3 small envelopes (each with a note inside) is passed around to music. When the music stops, the person holding the hat must stand up, choose an envelope and read out the activity shown on the paper and act it out. This may be something like doing the “I’m a little teapot” song etc. (You could play this with more than 3 envelopes).


Unwrap the Parcel
A bit like the chocolate game mixed with pass the parcel. Wrap a small item in layers of wrapping paper, as you would for pass the parcel. Have this in the centre of a circle, along with a pair of oven mitts, a hat and a scarf. Players take turns to roll the dice. When a player rolls a 6 they can go into the centre, put on the clothing items and start unwrapping the layers until someone else rolls a 6 and replaces them. Whoever unwraps the last layer to reveal the prize gets to keep the item.

Pen & Paper Games

Games suitable for RHS events where the ladies are seated (eg at a restaurant), and will need to have pens and paper.


Red Hat Dice Game
You will need one dice, as well as a pen and paper for each lady. Each lady will roll the dice and draw the body part that corresponds with that number. A fun way to play is so that they can draw any part in any order!   If a part has already been drawn, they can’t do anything that turn and must wait for their next turn.

Roll a 1 – draw a hat with decorations
Roll a 2 – draw the head
Roll a 3 – draw the face & hair
Roll a 4 – draw the upper torso & blouse
Roll a 5 – draw a skirt
Roll a 6 – draw legs/feet/shoesRedPurpleSwirlBar-2

Replace Your Darling Husband

Hand everyone a piece of paper and ask them to write down an appliance they wish they could replace and 5 reasons why they want to replace that item. (Such as refrigerator, car, television, vacuum, etc.) When they’ve finished that, tell them to replace the name of the appliance with the name of their husband and read the whole thing aloud.



If The Hat Fits
Everyone has to list all the expressions/phrases they can think of that contain the word “HAT”. Prize awarded to the person who can think of the most. Some examples:

HAT in hand, Toss your HAT into the ring, A tip of the HAT, HATS off to you, Watch me pull a  rabbit out of my HAT, Mad as a HATTER, Wear many HATS, Ugly as a HAT full of a-holes, I’ll eat my HAT, Keep it under your HAT, Does the Pope wear a funny HAT?, At the drop of a HAT, HAT in hand, Here’s your HAT, what’s your hurry?, Pass the HAT, Cat in the Hat, Home is where you hang your HAT, HAT trick, Talking through your HAT, His head’s too big for his HAT


Guessing Jars

Have about 10 small jars (baby food jars or other similar size) with different kitchen items in each (no duplicates). Things like sugar, poppy seeds, cocoa, cinnamon, salt, instant coffee, etc. Number each jar. Give each person playing a sheet of paper numbered to write their guesses of what each one is. You cannot open the jar to smell, feel or taste. After tallying correct names, a prize is awarded to the person who correctly guessed the most.RedPurpleSwirlBar-2

Name That Baby
Each lady brings a photo of themselves as a baby. Each photo then gets numbered and placed somewhere where everyone can see them. Keep a list of the numbers and corresponding names hidden away. Everyone then guesses who the photos are. Give a prize to the one who can identify the most pictures.RedPurpleSwirlBar-2

Drawn Together
Everyone is given a piece of paper and either a small pack of pencils/crayons each, or have a container of them on the table for everyone to use. The ladies are all told to look at each other, to remember what they look like – what clothing they are wearing and what accessories etc. (so that they aren’t caught looking at their person later). Each lady then picks a name at random from the hat – this is who they will draw on their piece of paper.

After everyone has finished their drawings, the drawings are held up for everyone to see, one by one.  The ladies have to call out if they think the drawing is of them. If a lady guesses correctly that the picture is of them, they get a prize. If they are also able to guess who drew the picture, that person also gets a prize. A prize can be awarded to the person who gets the most correct guesses.


Name that cake
Everyone has a piece of paper, and writes their answer to which cake these cryptic clues could be referring to.

  • Found on the ocean floor (Sponge)
  • It’s a small boy’s game (Marble)
  • A heavenly body (Angel Food)
  • What you might call a little imp (Devil’s food)
  • Make the bottom the top (Upside Down)
  • A mouse would like this (Cheese)
  • Think diamonds (Carrot)
  • A breakfast drink cake (Coffee)
  • A kitchen measure (Pound)
  • This is not tall (Shortcake)
  • This one is made of fabric (Chiffon)
  • This is an annual event (Birthday)
  • Little girls are made of this (Sugar/spice)
  • Monkey would like this one (Banana)
  • A calendar supplies this one (Date)

RedPurpleSwirlBar-2Name that Pie
Everyone has a piece of paper, and writes their answer to which pie these could be.

  • Cinderella (Pumpkin)
  • Greedy (Pork)
  • Palm tree (Date)
  • Little Bo Peep (Lamb)
  • Flowing river (Currant)
  • Sour face (Lemon/Lime)
  • Monkey’s (Banana)
  • Uncle scrooge (Duck)
  • Little Jack Horner (Plum)
  • Up river (Salmon)
  • Material (Chiffon)
  • Adam & Eve (Apple)
  • Children’s (Mud)
  • Irish (Potato)
  • Hawaiian (Pineapple/Coconut)
  • Tom sawyer’s (Huckleberry)
  • Complexion (Peach)
  • Red nose (Deer)
  • Pie in the sky (Pigeon)
  • Coward (Custard)
  • Shortcake’s (Strawberry)
  • Dried grape (Sultana)
  • Underwater (Seafood)


Guess the contents
Fill up a number of small cloth bags with a 4 different small items in each. The bags are sealed so nobody can peek inside. Pass bags around and everyone has to write down what they guess the contents to be. You can either use multiple bags with the same contents (so the ladies don’t have to wait as long for their turn), or have multiple bags with different contents and write a number on each bag (so the ladies write what they think is in each bag)


Word Scrabble
Have a number of letters from a scrabble set (or make up large cardboard squares with different letters that the ladies can easily read). Each participant then has to write down as many words as they form, out of the letters within a certain time. Winner is the one with the most words. A short version can be “winner with most words starting with….”


Give each player a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil. Each player in turn, calls out a letter of the alphabet at random, and all players write down the letters as they are called out. A list of about 15 letters should be formed in this way. The players then have five minutes in which to compose a telegram, the words of which must begin with the listed letters in the order they were given.

For Example: If the letters were H, A, I, I, B, B, A, U, T, L, D, H, S, A, O, C – one player might write: Have Arrived In Boston But Am Unable To Locate Deckchairs Hence Send All Over ……..Cynthia

Whereas another player might write: Hurry And Immediately Bring Back All Unused Tea Leaves ..stop.. Daddy Hates Sipping Ale Or Cola

When the 5 minutes are up each player reads his telegram, and the winner is the player whose telegram is judged to be the most sensible, the cleverest, the wittiest, the silliest, etc


Pass the paper / continue the story
Someone (perhaps the Queen) starts writing a story, by writing one word or one line of the story on a piece of paper. The paper is folded so that people cannot read the previous lines that have been written, so nobody will know what the story is about until it is read out. The paper is then passed to the next person, who adds their word/line and so on until everyone has had a turn. It can continue around again or the story be read out then when the last question has been answered, the story is read out.

The lines they write could be:

  • An adjective describing a person’s appearance or character
  • The name of a woman
  • The word “met” and an adjective describing another person’s appearance and character
  • The name of a man
  • The word “at” and the place the woman met the man
  • The circumstance under which they met
  • The word “in” and when the met
  • The words, ”He said to her…”, together with whatever he said
  • The words “And she replied…”, together with whatever she said
  • What he did then
  • What she did then
  • The words, “And the consequence was….” With detail of the consequence
  • The words, “And the moral of the story is…..”


Have a collection of questions, such as tv shows, music and fashion from the 60s. Read out the questions and have each lady write her answers. When the questions are finished, the ladies swap their papers and the scores are tallied up (swapping the papers for scoring ensures no cheating!)

What If
Pass out two pieces of paper to each lady present. On one piece of paper, they each write a question that starts with the words “What if ….? (eg: “What if ….a Red Hatter lost her hat?”)

The ladies pass this paper to the person on their LEFT. On the second piece of paper, they answer the question they just received. Then they pass that answer back to the person they received it from. Have the lady on your RIGHT read her question. The lady sitting to her RIGHT reads her answer. She then reads her question and the person sitting to her RIGHT reads her answer. This continues around the room until everyone has read both a question and an answer.

Seated Games

Games suitable for RHS events where the ladies are seated (eg at a restaurant), and don’t need pens and paper for writing.


The Name Game
Have stickers with various famous people’s names on them. As everyone arrives to the event, place a sticker on their back, and they need to ask questions (that can only be answered “yes” or “no”) to guess which famous person they have on their sticker. Once they have guessed they can remove the sticker. You could give a prize to the first person to correctly guess who they are, or give a small prize to everyone when they correctly guess.RedPurpleSwirlBar-2

Handbag Scavenger Hunt
Place some scrabble tiles (or pieces of paper with each letter of the alphabet written on them) in a bowl or bag (1 of each letter). The ladies gathered around have their handbag with them. When you call out a letter chosen from the bowl, the ladies search their handbags to find something starting with that letter. Eg “L” might be lipstick, “P” might be a pen… The winner is the person with the most found items.RedPurpleSwirlBar-2

My Life in a Bag
Everyone brings a bag that contains little mementos or trinkets from their life. Everyone takes turns to show these items around and explain their significance in that person’s life. For example they could be photos, trophies, awards, ticket stubs…. anything!


This and That Game
Players sit in a circle. First player asks something that is “This” or “That”, The next player answers and asks the next player “This” or “That”. Continue playing until everyone has a turn, or keep going just to see how silly it can get.

Player 1 “Meat or Vegetables”
Player 2 “Meat” – “Cotton or Flannel”
Player 3 “Flannel” – “Soft Cheese or Hard Cheese”
Player 4 “Soft” – “Popcorn or Crackers”
Player 5 “Popcorn” …. and so on and so on……RedPurpleSwirlBar-2

Kiss The Teddy
A Teddy bear is passed around and everyone takes turns to kiss it somewhere. Once it has been passed around to everyone, they are told they must now kiss the person next to them in the same place they kissed the teddy!


Sales Pitch
Blindfold one lady and tell her that she must try to sell a mystery object. If she is convincing enough, she wins a prize. The object is placed in front of her, but she cannot touch it or see it. Everyone else can see what it is – and it’s a roll of toilet paper! She has to answer questions about the product she is selling.


The M&M game
Pass a bag of M&Ms (or other lollies) and tell the ladies they may take some, but not to eat them yet. Have plenty available. Once everyone has taken their share, announce that they must tell everyone one fact about themselves for each M&M they have taken!

Name a Song
Someone starts by choosing any word they want, and the other players have to pick a song that has that word in it. Whoever gets it first, then it’s their turn to  choose a word.   If the group never heard the song before, they will ask you “I challenge you”, and that person has to sing a piece of the song. (Just so that everyone knows the person isn’t making it up!)

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