Games suitable for RHS events where the ladies are seated (eg at a restaurant), and don’t need pens and paper for writing.


The Name Game
Have stickers with various famous people’s names on them. As everyone arrives to the event, place a sticker on their back, and they need to ask questions (that can only be answered “yes” or “no”) to guess which famous person they have on their sticker. Once they have guessed they can remove the sticker. You could give a prize to the first person to correctly guess who they are, or give a small prize to everyone when they correctly guess.RedPurpleSwirlBar-2

Handbag Scavenger Hunt
Place some scrabble tiles (or pieces of paper with each letter of the alphabet written on them) in a bowl or bag (1 of each letter). The ladies gathered around have their handbag with them. When you call out a letter chosen from the bowl, the ladies search their handbags to find something starting with that letter. Eg “L” might be lipstick, “P” might be a pen… The winner is the person with the most found items.RedPurpleSwirlBar-2

My Life in a Bag
Everyone brings a bag that contains little mementos or trinkets from their life. Everyone takes turns to show these items around and explain their significance in that person’s life. For example they could be photos, trophies, awards, ticket stubs…. anything!


This and That Game
Players sit in a circle. First player asks something that is “This” or “That”, The next player answers and asks the next player “This” or “That”. Continue playing until everyone has a turn, or keep going just to see how silly it can get.

Player 1 “Meat or Vegetables”
Player 2 “Meat” – “Cotton or Flannel”
Player 3 “Flannel” – “Soft Cheese or Hard Cheese”
Player 4 “Soft” – “Popcorn or Crackers”
Player 5 “Popcorn” …. and so on and so on……RedPurpleSwirlBar-2

Kiss The Teddy
A Teddy bear is passed around and everyone takes turns to kiss it somewhere. Once it has been passed around to everyone, they are told they must now kiss the person next to them in the same place they kissed the teddy!


Sales Pitch
Blindfold one lady and tell her that she must try to sell a mystery object. If she is convincing enough, she wins a prize. The object is placed in front of her, but she cannot touch it or see it. Everyone else can see what it is – and it’s a roll of toilet paper! She has to answer questions about the product she is selling.


The M&M game
Pass a bag of M&Ms (or other lollies) and tell the ladies they may take some, but not to eat them yet. Have plenty available. Once everyone has taken their share, announce that they must tell everyone one fact about themselves for each M&M they have taken!

Name a Song
Someone starts by choosing any word they want, and the other players have to pick a song that has that word in it. Whoever gets it first, then it’s their turn to  choose a word.   If the group never heard the song before, they will ask you “I challenge you”, and that person has to sing a piece of the song. (Just so that everyone knows the person isn’t making it up!)