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Restaurant Bill Slips

Sometimes when you go out for a meal with a group of people the venue won’t do “Split Bills” (where each person can pay for their food separately). This can make it difficult for everyone to pay the bill at the end.

Using these bills slips when everyone is deciding what to order, means that the ladies can mark down what they will order and the price – so that they know how much their portion of the bill comes to, including all drinks and extras.

Available as a sheet of 6 (includes entree)  or a sheet of 9 (no entree).  Click the image to download a printable file.

(or feel free to make your own)


Red Hatter Songbook


Download Red Hatter Songbook

This song book contains a selection of songs that have been re-written to give them Red Hatter themed lyrics.  The original song name is in brackets, to let you know the tune of the song.

This songbook was created using songs that have been passed around online.  No authors are known for these songs, and it is being shared here in the spirit of fun and sharing of resources.

This songbook was created in A4 size, so printing to that size will give you 12 pages of large text to make it easier to read.  Or you can select to print it as a smaller (handbag size) A5 size booklet (instructions below).

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Promotional Cards

These print out twice as long as a business card (can be folded in half to fit into a business card holder) and are designed to give a brief explanation about the Red Hat Society, for times where we’re out and about and someone asks what we are.

Download  (4 cards plus 2 business cards to a page)

Luggage Tags

Mark your luggage in Red Hatter style with these printable Red (and Pink) Hatter luggage tags!



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Promotional Posters & Flyers

If you would like to print off some posters or flyers to help explain the RHS to people, we have created some you can print at home.  These are not official posters, so are not endorsed by the RHS.


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Red Hatter Word Search




Download these as a black & white printable

DIY Printable Nametags

While there are some great Red Hat nametags around to purchase, you can make your own very cheaply!

You can choose to laminate your nametags (officeworks can do laminating for you), or you could put the paper tags into protective plastic pockets, or even print them on sticker paper for single-use nametags.

.In this DIY guide, I’ll show you how to make a custom nametag like this:

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Printable Gift Boxes

We have created LOTS of printable gift boxes for you to download!  These are great for packaging small little gifts like lollies or jewellery.


RHV_SquareBox_01_red_th RHV_SquareBox_03_pinkspotstripe_th

If you do not know how to download, print and assemble these gift boxes – Click here for a step by step guide.

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Printable Christmas Gift Boxes

We have created some printable Christmas gift boxes for you to download.

RHV_XmasPillowBox_05red_th RHV_XmasSquareBox_01_red_th

These are great for packaging small little gifts like lollies or jewellery.

If you do not know how to download, print and assemble these gift boxes – Click here for a step by step guide. Continue reading “Printable Christmas Gift Boxes”

How to download & print the giftboxes


The printable giftboxes we’ve made can be printed out on cardstock (or even normal printer paper) and assembled to make your own fancy gift boxes.  If you need to know how to print and assemble them – this guide will show you how.

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Printable Business Cards

Basic Business Cards
If you would like to print some business cards for your chapter, and help promote this site as well – you can download and print these on lightweight card paper.

RHV Business Cards  (Business card for this site, you can write your details on the back)

[Download These Business Cards]


Chapter Business Card   (Add your details in the spaces before you print)


[Download These Business Cards]


Links to Red Hat Printables

Here we will share links and ideas for Red Hat themed craft ideas and things you can print at home.  If you have any links you would like us to share, please contact us and we will add them.


Official Red Hat Society Printables
When you are logged in as a member on the RHS website, you have access to a range of free printables, such as greeting cards, referral cards, gift boxes, paper dolls and more.


Greeting Cards & More
Cards, envelopes and more from Alenka’s Printables


Red Hat Scrapbooking Pages
Red Hat themed background pages for scrapbooking


Pink, Purple and Red printable giftboxes


We have created some BINGO sheets for you to print out!

The cards have both the picture of the item and the name of it, to help identify what the picture is.  We’ve included the call cards as well (Little cards that can be put into a bowl to call from).

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