While there are some great Red Hat nametags around to purchase, you can make your own very cheaply!

You can choose to laminate your nametags (officeworks can do laminating for you), or you could put the paper tags into protective plastic pockets, or even print them on sticker paper for single-use nametags.

.In this DIY guide, I’ll show you how to make a custom nametag like this:

Method #1 – Using our nametag template

If you would like to use our nametag template, you can download a word file, that contains a sheet of 8 nametags with a space for typing in the person’s name.  Choose from blank (write the names on after printing) or with text boxes (Type the names on before printing)

Download Blank | Download with text Box

We have other colours of nametag you can download.  To use them, simply download (right click and choose to “save as”) the nametags below:

RHV_nametag01  RHV_nametag01q

RHV_nametag02  RHV_nametag02q

RHV_nametag03  RHV_nametag03q

RHV_nametag04  RHV_nametag04q
Then import it into a word file, resize them to the size you want.  Add a “text box” with transparent background and no border, then add your names and information into that text box.

After they are printed out, cut around them and you can laminate them.  If you would like to make the nametag extra durable, you can laminate it once, then put that into another laminator pocket and laminate it again.  Cut out around the nametag.  Again this will be more durable if you leave some of the plastic around the edges.  Make sure to round any pointy edges so they aren’t sharp.

If you don’t have a laminator you can use the wide clear packing tape to protect the paper.

As a temporary fastener you can tape a safety pin onto the back.  However these aren’t very secure.  I would recommend gluing a brooch pin to the back using a strong glue like “Tarzan’s Grip”  (superglue doesn’t seem to work well on the laminated paper)


Other options to attach the tag to clothing include a magnetic strip (to save fabrics from pin holes), safety pin and clip, or brooch style pin (All of which you can find on ebay!)

magnetic pinclip pin s-l225

If you don’t want to laminate them, you could place them into a protective plastic pocket.  There are ones designed to be worn on a lanyard around the neck, or pinned/clipped onto clothing

lanyard plastic


Method #2 – making your own nametags

You can make your own nametags in whatever shape you like.  To make these ones, I downloaded a special font that makes decorative frames rather than the letters of the alphabet.  I used “Vintage Panels 6″ (http://www.dafont.com/amin-sughayer.d5568), using the letter “V”.  Check out some of the other fonts for different shape frames.


This creates a single colour frame, so I created an image in my graphics program, using that letter “V” in 200 size, then I then used the “Lasso” tool to select parts of the image and changed the colour of those parts to red.


Once you have that done, you can then add the writing on the nametag and any other pictures you like.  This particular nametag shape I think looks nice with a hat or crown in the top.

Once you have your nametag design done, simply print it out.  I like to import the image into a word document, so I can resize the nametags and print out several at a time.