This page is a private page to give information to Chapter Queens.
Please do not share this page with your members, it is for Queens only!

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Chapter Contact List
This is a list of all chapters and the Queen contact details we have – as it is an online spreadsheet it will always have the most up to date information we have

Click here to load the Chapter Contact List

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Queen’s Council / Queenathon

2016 Queenathon Summary | 2017 Queenathon Summary2018 Summary

More information on the Queen’s Council Event

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Don’t forget about our email newsletter.  It can only be sent out when there’s content to go in it!  So please send in your articles and event notices.  Encourage your ladies to help by sending in recipes, craft ideas, outing suggestions as well as writing up articles on fun events you’ve done.

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Queen’s Survey
There was a survey sent out after the 2017 Queen’s Council to try and address some issues with Queens Council attendance.  The responses from this have been summarised and made available here (download Survey Results)

If you’d like to complete the survey (again or for the first time) Click here to fill out the survey:

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Queen’s Handbook
This is a printable handbook containing ceremonies,
information and help topics for chapter Queens
click here to download

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Articles for Queens/Chapters


Hoot/Outing Ideas & Games
Stuck trying to think of new activities for your chapter to do?  Try something on this list!

Click Here for Hoot Ideas | Click here for Games

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