These games are a great way to do a “pass the parcel” – as you read the story out, whenever the word “RIGHT” is spoken, the parcel is passed to the right. When the word “LEFT” is spoken, the parcel is passed to the left. When “AROUND” is spoken, the person holding the parcel should stand up and turn around then sit back down (or can hold the parcel up and wave it around their head).

This is a story about Mr. and Mrs WRIGHT.

One evening they were baking cookies. Mrs. WRIGHT called from the kitchen, “Oh, no, there is no flour LEFT! You will need to go RIGHT out to the store to get some.”

“I can’t believe you forgot to check the pantry,” grumbled MR. WRIGHT. “You never get anything RIGHT!”

“Don’t be difficult, dear,” replied Mrs. WRIGHT. “It will only take twenty minutes if you come RIGHT back. Go down the road and turn LEFT at the stop sign. Then you need to turn RIGHT, and the store will be there on your LEFT” declared Mrs. WRIGHT as her husband LEFT the house.

Mr. WRIGHT found the store and asked the clerk where he could find the flour. The clerk pointed and said, “Go to Aisle four and turn LEFT. The flour and sugar will be on your LEFT.”

Mr. WRIGHT made his purchase and walked RIGHT out into the parking lot. But he couldn’t remember where he had LEFT his car. He Looked to the RIGHT, he looked to the LEFT. He turned AROUND and suddenly remembered that he had driven Mrs. WRIGHT’S car and that his car was in the driveway at home RIGHT where he had LEFT it. He finally found the RIGHT car and put his purchase RIGHT inside.

Eventually, a weary Mr. WRIGHT found his way home. Mrs. WRIGHT had been waiting impatiently. “I thought you would be RIGHT back,” she said. “I LEFT all the cookie ingredients on the kitchen counter, and the cats got into the milk. So you’ll just have to go RIGHT out again as I don’t have any more AROUND here.”

Mr. WRIGHT sighed. He had no energy LEFT. “I am going RIGHT to bed,” he said. “Anyway, I need to go on a diet, so I might as well start RIGHT now. Isn’t that RIGHT, dear?”