Red Hats Victoria


Red Hats Victoria

Celebrating Red Hatting in Victoria (Australia)

Fair Maidens convention Update

RE Fair Maidens of the round table Convention Feb 24th-26th 2023.

Thank you all for your patience whilst plans for moving our convention from Bayview Hotel to Pullman/ Mercure hotel has taken place. Whilst a lengthy process we feel the outcome has been worth the effort and wait.

Updated Information:

Aussie Red Hat Day (Celebrating 21 years!) – 26th July 2022


Queens Counsel Gathering – May 31 st 2022

Time has come again for a gathering of Queens Vice Queens, Queen Mum’s and Queens to Be.
These gatherings are an important tool for networking amongst chapters, exchanges ideas, sharing problem solving within chapters, and importantly for us to have fun.

As we know all chapters are special and Queens unique, we as Queens have one thing in common and that is our belief that we can help better the lives of others and bring ladies together to share some common interest.

Some of us may have experienced a bit of apprehension when we first joined a chapter and was a bit self conscious wearing a red hat or beret and wearing purple clothes out in public for the first time.

Now for me 10 years into Red Hatting I can”t wait to get out and about with my chapter and love wearing big hats.

It would be beneficial to us all if we can discuss some new topics in Red Hatting and help chapters and other Queens who struggle at times with new members. For every question there is an answer so please come and join Queen Travelot and Down Under Scarlett Belles and have a round table discussion, some lunch a wine or two, tea/coffee .

Download Flyer:

Golden Gadabouts 10th birthday luncheon – 28th Jan 2022


2020 Hatter Cruise – Printable Info sheets

In case anyone wanted some basic maps and info for each of our port locations, I’ve made some.  You might be able to access these on a tablet/phone, or you could print them.

I will have my own copy of the maps available to show anyone onboard in our morning meetups, but if you want your own, you should download one.

Printable Packing List – Some packing suggestions with a box you can tick while packing.  This list may not include some things you want to take, so use it as a guide only.

Hobart – Map and brief info

Kangaroo Island (Penneshaw) – Map and brief info

Port Lincoln – Map and brief info

Adelaide – Map, Train timetables and brief info.  Train timetables are believed to be correct, but it is your responsibility to check for accuracy when we get there in case there are changes!

Itinerary – This is our itineray (updated for the KI lunch and dinnertime change!)

Cruise Guide Booklet –  This is a pre-cruise info guide.  Note the itinerary for Kangaroo Island Lunch has now changed.  Dinner time has now changed!

A smaller booklet will be provided when you meet with me at the cruise terminal to start the cruise – so you won’t need to print this one, but it may have info you’d find useful in it – so it’s worth a read.


Cruise Luggage Tags

Mark your Cruise luggage in Hatter style with these printable Hatter luggage tags!

Cut the tags out and fold in half for double-sided luggage tags.  Write your name and phone number on the tags prior to laminating.

You can print them out on cardstock, or print on normal paper and laminate them (after folding).  Laminated tags will be much more durable!

Use a hole-punch and thread a ribbon through to attach the tag to your luggage. If printing on paper you might want to stabilise the hole with some stickytape or something.

3 different options for you that will print 5 tags to a page.  Or you can download the tags separately.

Red/Purple Tags Version 1

~ Download Red/Purple Cruise Luggage Tags Version 1 ~

Red/Purple Tags Version 2

~ Download Red/Purple Cruise Luggage Tags Version 2 ~

Red/Purple Tags Version 3

~ Download Red/Purple Cruise Luggage Tags Version 3 ~

Pink/Lavender Tags

~ Download Pink & Lavender Cruise Luggage Tags ~

Download each tag separately below:
(Right click and select “save as”)

Attendee Sign-in Sheet

If you are hosting an event, you might like to have a sign-in list, so that each attendee signs in.  This may be beneficial (or even required) for your Public Liability Insurance, so there is a record of who attended the event.

You can download this sign-in sheet, which has spots for 25, 50 or 75 attendees (1, 2 or 3 pages) – the spots are numbered so that you can easily count attendees and/or run a door prize where you draw numbers and the corresponding signed-in Hatter can win.

These sheets are blank so that attendees write their own names in, however you can fill out the attendee list prior to the event and have the Hatters sign in as they enter.   If you download the .doc format file (rather than the .pdf), you can edit the file to suit your own event.

~ Download Sign-in Sheet (25 spots) in word .doc format ~
~ Download Sign-in Sheet (25 spots) in .pdf format ~

~ Download Sign-in Sheet (50 spots) in word .doc format ~
~ Download Sign-in Sheet (50 spots) in .pdf format ~

~ Download Sign-in Sheet (75 spots) in word .doc format ~
~ Download Sign-in Sheet (75 spots) in .pdf format ~

Nagambie cruise 2019

Download full size here

Southside Dazzling Red Hatters

Chapter Name: Southside Dazzling Red Hatters
Queen: Queen Helen

The Chapter started in 2011, but the Queen has been a member since Red Hats started in Australia about 20 years ago.  Our Chapter has members 48 to 90 years of age. We are a very active chapter who meet at least 4 times a months with various activities.

Membership: Open (Accepting new members)

Contact Chapter:  Email: (Jyl)

Aussie Red Hat Day 2018

The restaurant at the Growling Frog Golf Club was awash with a sea of purple and red on Wednesday 25th July. In attendance were 60 red hatters in all their glorious finery and glittering jewels to celebrate the 17th birthday of red hatting in Australia.

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Serendipity Sisters 19th Birthday Celebration

The Serendipity Sisters of Geelong turned 10 on 2nd August.

60 Red Hat Sisters from various Victorian Chapters joined them at the Waurn Ponds Hotel, to help celebrate. Continue reading “Serendipity Sisters 19th Birthday Celebration”

Queen’s Council 2018

Aussie Red Hat Day – Kilmore

To celebrate 16 years of Australian Red Hatting, Rubies and Pearls of Kilmore hosted a party on Thursday 27th July at Penny’s Restaurant in Kilmore. Penny’s is located in the heritage listed Old Kilmore Town Hall.

We had 54 ladies from various Victorian locations as well as from NSW. Each guest received a bracelet of rubies and pearls (faux) and a lapel badge commemorating the event. The bracelets were made by two of our ladies and the badges were made by Obsi (web mistress of Red Hats Victoria). But, of course, you are aware of the lovely contribution made to the day.

The room was very elegant with red sashes around each chair and fresh flowers as table centre pieces.

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Fundraising Ideas

Generally speaking, the RHS doesn’t do fundraising.  However there may be times when chapters want to raise money to help a particular charity, or to raise chapter funds for convention costuming or other chapter needs.

Fundraising ideas:

  • Fines – Charge a $2 fine for forgetting to wear a hat or name-badge, or for being late
  • Craft Auctions – If you have crafty members who can create something like hats, cards, jewellery or even baked goods, you could auction these off.  Either splitting the profits with the person donating the items, or with the chapter keeping all profits.
  • Bake sale – Have members bake cupcakes, muffins, slices and other individual portioned foods, then come together for a bake sale where everyone buys a cupcake etc. for a nominated price per item (eg $1/$2 each) with proceeds going to the chapter.
  • Cupcake Decorating – Everyone pays $2 to decorate their cupcake, with decorating items provided by the chapter (eg red and purple frosting, choc chips and other fun things).  The chapter then keeps any profits made.
  • Book Sale – Members bring old books they no longer need and these are then sold off for $2 each or auctioned to raise money.
  • Lucky Dip – Have a selection of inexpensive items wrapped up, and charge $1-$2 per go.
  • Raffle Auction –  (AKA Penny sale) Each member buys a set of raffle tickets or coupons (eg 10 tickets for $1), and there are several items to raffle off, each with a bowl next to them.  Members put their raffle tickets into the bowls of the items they want (they can choose to put one ticket in the bowl or several tickets if they really want it) – then each item has the winner drawn from the bowls.
  • Mystery Auction – Everyone brings a wrapped gift worth $5 or $10, in a particular theme.  People then bid on the mystery package without knowing what is inside it.  You could set a maximum bid for each item so that it doesn’t go beyond a certain limit.  The chapter gets to keep all raised funds.
  • $2 raffle – Have a prize worth $2 and everyone puts $2 into a jar as their entry to the raffle, and their name goes into a hat. The person who gets drawn from the hat gets the prize, and they then buy the prize for the next month raffle.
  • Lolly Jar – Have a jar of lollies and everyone pays $2 to have a guess at how many lollies are in the jar.  The winner gets to keep the lollies and the chapter keeps the money.
  • Cook Book – Have members send in their favourite tried and true recipes, gather them together, then have them printed and bound.  Sell the books to cover the cost of printing plus extra funds for the chapter.
  • Car Wash – Have members bring their cars along and pay a fee to have their car washed (bonus if you can rope in husbands/children to wash the cars, then all the Hatters can gather around relaxing while their cars are being washed!)

Memories Thru The Ages Feb 2017

A fabulous weekend of fun and friendship at the Memories Thru The Ages Convention!

Starting off on Friday with a beach themed dinner.  With themed table decorations, live music and a beach photo booth!  There were some fabulous costumes on display including an amazing mermaid, Jellyfish hatted ladies, bikini-tshirt wearing ladies, old fashioned bathing suits and even a surfboard!

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Christmas fun with the Down Under Scarlett Belles

The Down Under Scarlett Belles had a fun concert for their end of year celebration as well as and a Christmas lunch at Crown Conservatory restaurant!

img_1071 p1020686 p1020699 p1020754

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Cruise on Lake Nagambie – 2016

Red hatters of Rubies & Pearls of Kilmore were host to 42 ladies from 7 Victorian chapters on a two hour cruise on Lake Nagambie. This was held on Thursday 24th November.


Due to the huge success of the day, it is planned to be an annual event.

As each lady boarded the Nagambie Explorer vessel, she was presented with a specially prepared post card memento as well as a Christmas gift. Once on board we were given a “safety talk” by Captain Ron as well as him pointing out the well stocked bar. (Stocks were down when we disembarked!!!)


The weather was mild and no rain. A number of ladies took the opportunity to climb up to the sundeck to take in the full view of the water and its’ surrounds.

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A Serendipties Day Out

Last month the Serendipity Sisters went to Portarlington, to fellow Serendipity Lady Lor-D-Lite’s (Lorraine) home. After a quick bite to eat, including the Red Velvet Cup Cakes with Purple Glitter Icing!! Lorraine’s hubby (Rod) took us for a burn around their town, on  his Honda Gold Star. We had such great fun, in fact I am pretty sure we will do it again!!  A couple of Serendipties declared after their ride ‘gotta get me one of them’!!



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Crowning of Our Queen – The Royal Ladies Of Riddells Creek

Sunday 23rd October. “The Royal Ladies Of Riddells Creek” chapter was formed. Noelene was Crowned “Queen Sapphire” & Julie was crowned “Vice Queen – Lady Of Jewels’. Queen Maureen & Pamela – Lady Laugh A Lot from The Borough Beauties of Greensborough performed the crowning. Several ladies joined the chapter as newly formed members. Thank you to all the ladies who attended.

I hope you all enjoyed the afternoon as much as I did organising it. We have much more planning & fun to have in the future.

Bra Hats

“Bra Hats”?  Yes!  What better way to embrace the fun and sillyness of the RHS by making a hat from a bra!

I’ve yet to find a good step by step tutorial that describes how to do it, but here are some tips, links and photo inspiration to help you.

Making a Bra Hat

  1. Start with a bra – I’d recommend choosing a push up bra with a padded cup in red (or pink), so you don’t need to cover it.
  2. Place the centre of the cups on your forehead where you’d like to wear the hat, and mark how far along the chest straps you need to cut for them to meet at the back of your head.
  3. Leaving a seam allowance – cut the ends off the chest straps and sew them together.
  4. Cut the shoulder straps off.
  5. You can stop now and decorate the hat, or you can do a few more steps
  6. (optional) sew/glue boning from the bottom of the centre of one cup to the opposite side of the band, and again on the other side – forming a cross over the crown of the head.  This helps keep any soft cups looking good, and also gives you a frame onto which you can weave feather boas.  You could use pipe cleaners if you wish.
  7. (optional) If your cups need extra padding to keep their shape, take some stuffing and fill your bra cups, then sew fabric over the top to keep it in place.
  8. Add bling and adornments to make your bra into a fabulous hat!


Tutorials (of sorts)



More photos –

Golden Gadabouts meet Marilyn 2016

It was a cold and wet day but the Golden Gadabouts had a great time having our picture taken with Marilyn Munroe when she visited Bendigo.

We attracted quite a few on lookers asking about who we were and wanting to take our picture as well. Afterwards we went to the Dumpling House for lunch.

Dscn0932 (2)

Aussie Red Hat Day 2016

Rubies and Pearls of Kilmore were hosts to ladies of the Bendigo Golden Gadabouts and the Meadow Larks from Meadow Heights to celebrate the birthday of Red Hatting in Australia on Monday 25th July. Rubies and Pearls arranged a luncheon for all the ladies at Hogan’s Hotel at Wallan where they were wined, dined and entertained.
Vice Queen Kerry of Rubies and Pearls used her amazing culinary skills to produce the delicious cup cakes which were displayed on tiered plates. Our guests were happy to enjoy these delights after the luncheon.

table with cakes Continue reading “Aussie Red Hat Day 2016”

Holbrook NSW – Natter Hatters

Chapter Name: Natter Hatters
Queen: Queen Ella

Membership: Open (Accepting new members)

Contact Chapter: Email:

Restaurant Bill Slips

Sometimes when you go out for a meal with a group of people the venue won’t do “Split Bills” (where each person can pay for their food separately). This can make it difficult for everyone to pay the bill at the end.

Using these bills slips when everyone is deciding what to order, means that the ladies can mark down what they will order and the price – so that they know how much their portion of the bill comes to, including all drinks and extras.

Available as a sheet of 6 (includes entree)  or a sheet of 9 (no entree).  Click the image to download a printable file.

(or feel free to make your own)

Red Hatter Songbook


Download Red Hatter Songbook

This song book contains a selection of songs that have been re-written to give them Red Hatter themed lyrics.  The original song name is in brackets, to let you know the tune of the song.

This songbook was created using songs that have been passed around online.  No authors are known for these songs, and it is being shared here in the spirit of fun and sharing of resources.

This songbook was created in A4 size, so printing to that size will give you 12 pages of large text to make it easier to read.  Or you can select to print it as a smaller (handbag size) A5 size booklet (instructions below).

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Red Hatter Songs

These are songs that have been created by substituting normal lyrics with Hatter themes ones. The tunes are listed below the song name. Authors are unknown.

You can also download a printable songbook that contains these songs.


Click here to download the Songbook (also includes printing instructions)


We Are Wearing Our Red Hats
(Tune: Take Me Out to the Ball Game)

We are wearing our red hat
Purple dresses we sport
Strutting our stuff with the other chicks
Having a ball as our colours we mix.
Oh and we will play our kazoos loud
We don’t care what folks say
For it’s good times now that we have
On our Red Hat Day!

For She’s a Jolly Red Hatter
(Tune: For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow)

For she’s a jolly red hatter, for she’s a jolly red hatter
For her please raise a loud clatter, or play upon your kazoo

On your kazoo, KAZOO, and cheer her proudly, too,
For she’s a jolly red hatter, so cheer her proudly, too.

We won’t be home until morning, we won’t be home until morning–
Yes, bedtime we are all scorning. Red Hatters always do.

Red Hatters always do, Red Hatters always do
Red Hatters heed this warning – No bedtime before two!

Red Hat Rounds #1
(Tune : Frere Jacques)

Come, Red Hatters. Come Red Hatters.
Hear our call. Hear our call!
Joy to all we’re bringing, with our raucous singing
Have a ball! Have a ball!

Red Hat Rounds #2
(Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Red Hats must be seen, what else are they for?
In red hats and purple gowns, life is not a bore.

Red Hat Rounds #3
(Tune: Oh How Lovely is the Evening)

Oh how friendly are Red Hatters, are Red Hatters
When they gather, all that matters to Red Hatters
Is fun, such fun, much fun.

Red Hat Rounds #4
(Tune: Down at the Station)

With our purple PJ.’s on, at our monthly brunch
Hear Red Hatters singing, golly what a bunch
We’re here to see the Queen Mum and the Vice Mum too
Give them both a loud cheer, before we start to munch
Yes, give them both a loud cheer, before we start to munch.

God Save The Red Hat Queen
(Tune: God Save the Queen)

United do we stand,
Our ladies hand-in-hand
God save The Queen.

Our hearts are tried and true.
Our hats are red, not blue,
Our dress is purple too,
God Save The Queen

Our power will they dread
When they see hats of red
God save The Queen.

As we stand hand-in-hand
Across our wondrous land,
In purple shall we stand.
God Save The Queen.

Red Hats, Red Hats
(Tune: Daisy, Daisy)

Red Hat, Red Hat, Red Hat Society
We get together for fun and frivolity
We don’t hold monthly meetings
But we specialise in eating,
And we all have fun, each and every one
On our outings, wherever they be.

Red Hats, Red Hats, we wear every time we meet
With purple dresses, our colours for all to see,
We wear our colours so proudly, is the order of the day
Dressed in our best, we outshine the rest
So here’s to us, lets all shout, Hooray!

Red and Purple Favourites
(Tune: My Favourite Things)

Red shoes and purses and boas with feathers
Purple ensembles to wear in all weathers
Earrings that sparkle, and big diamond rings
These are a few of our favourite things.

Tulle covered red hats and red hats with veiling
Curvy red visors and red hats for sailing
Red hats of cotton all crocheted from string
These are a few of our favourite things.

We’re all Red Hats
Yes, the Red Hats
Loving life, not sad
And while we are wearing our favourite things
We truly all feel so glad!

Red hats with wide brims and red hats with roses,
Red hats with ribbons and red hats with posies,
Bonnets we keep on by tying their strings
These are a few of our favourite things.

Red hats with sequins or long trailing feathers,
Red hats of velvet and hats of red leather,
Neat hats and chic hats, the smiles that they bring
These are a few of our favourite things.

We’re all Red Hats
Yes, the Red Hats
Loving life, not sad
And while we are wearing our favorite things
We truly all feel so glad!

You Are My Red Hat
(Tune: You Are My Sunshine)

You are my red hat, my lovely red hat,
And with my purple clothes you are wild.
It’s well known that you’re such a show hat
And you make me feel so beguiled.

You were in a corner, a dusty corner
Of that thrift shop I adore
I grabbed you right up, I bought you quickly
And I marched right out the door.

You are my red hat, my only red hat
And I’ll wear you without fear
You’ll never look like I don’t adore you
I’ll always decorate you dear.

I’ll use red feathers, and purple baubles
And put big flowers in your brim
Pins will adorn you and veils won’t daunt you,
Upon my crown you won’t look grim.

‘Cause you’re my red hat, my lovely red hat,
And with my purple clothes you’re wild.
It’s well known that you’re such a show hat
And you make me feel so beguiled.

In Our Red Hats We’re Beguiling
(Tune: When You’re Smiling)

In our red hats, we’re beguiling
And we’re pert in purple, too.

In our red hats, we’ll be smiling
And when you see us, you’ll smile, too.

We’re at an age when we do as we choose–
You must agree that we’re real piperoos

It’s not hat styling, that keeps us smiling
It’s the smiles that come from YOU

Red Hat Woman
(Tune: I Am Woman)

I am woman, hear me roar
As I put my hat on going out the door.
It’s red as red can be
And when I wear it, I’m filled with glee!

My purple outfit may be a little tight
But I think it fits me just right.
My other accessories I do don
You’d think a fairy princess touched me with her wand.

When I meet my other Red Hatters to shop and dine
We all look so perfectly fine!
We have fun and giggle a lot,
And when we walk down the street, people stop and watch.

Oh, how grand this is for us
That we’ve learned laughter is a must!
And so I say to you dear Red Hatters
In life, friendship and fun,
That’s what matters!

There is a Tavern in the Town
(Tune – same)

There is a tavern in the town, in the town
Where red hatters sit them down, sit them down
And drink their wine as merry as can be
While other chapters sip their tea.

When the time comes we sadly leave it,
You will surely will not believe it
Though you know that even best of friends
Must part, must part.

Adieu, kind friends, I say, adieu, yes adieu.
Red Hatters now are leaving you, leaving you.
Do not cry or pine or even weep or frown
We’ll all meet at more hoots, farther down.

Let Me Wear Your Red Hat
(Tune: Let Me Call You Sweetheart)

Let me wear your red hat and your purple gown, too.
I’d like to be a Red Hat lady, just like you.
Fling that boa ‘round my neck and add some pearls
Let me join the fun crowd like your Red Hat girls!

You keep the whole world happy with the things you do.
No one in a Red Hat group is ever blue.
To the other sisters you are always true.
If I could wear a red hat I’d be true blue, too!

Yes, We Have No More Red Hats
(Tune: Yes, We Have No Bananas)

Yes, we have no more red hats,
We have no more red hats for you.
We wish we had some more red hats
But here’s what we can do for you:
We have white hats and gray hats and green hats and blue.
We’ve ecru and puce hats and yellow ones, too
But Wait! I found one more red hat—the one I’ve been saving for you!

Red Hats Sailing Toward Me
(Tune: Blue Skies)

Red hats sailing toward me,
Nothing but red hats do I see.
Sleek gowns, purple display
Worn by red hatters, now at play.

On this purple sea, red hats in a fleet
Bobbing along, to our own beat
All the sailors shout when we come about
“Red Hatters, dear, drop anchor here.

Oh, red hats, it’s you we adore
No one could love, Red Hatters more!”

Purple Dress, Red Hat, Too
(Tune: Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue)

Purple dress, red hat too,
Oh, what those red hats can do
When worn by our Red Hatter gals.

At your whim, twist the brim
Add a veil and feathered trim
Wear rhinestone jewels and lots of pearls

Then you go, out the door, for fun galore
Out for lunch, brekky or brunch
No matter where, people will stare

You pass by, people sigh.
This is fun, you just can’t buy.
This is what wearing red hats can do.

In My Cute Red Bonnet
(Tune: In Your Easter Bonnet)

In my cute red bonnet, with pretty ribbons on it,
I’ll be one of the many, in the red hat parade.

All of us in purple, we form a friendship circle,
And have a great time smiling, in the red hat parade.

In a coffee shop or a shopping spree,
We laugh and do lunch, and know we are all we wanted to be.

So,……. We can all wear purple, and join a happy circle
And be a grand dame lady in the red hat parade.

Free as the Breeze Red Hats
(Tune: I’m As Free as the Breeze)

We’re as free as the breeze
Red Hatters can do whatever they please
And that’s exactly what we do
We’re free, as the breeze

Free to lounge around and be at ease,
And that’s exactly what we do
We can go for cocktails, lunch or teas
Though some are in our seventies

There’s no guilt when we’re done!
We live a life of fun.
Free, no one’s more free than we
And free’s the way, we always want to be
To do the things, we want to do.

Red Hats in the Sunset
(Tune: Red Sails in the Sunset)

Red hats in the sunset, red hats in the dark,
Red hats on parade and red hats in the park.

Love those bold red hatters
In their purple attire,
Love purple pajamas
But red hats set me on fire

Red hats in the sunset, put one on my head,
And it’ll still be there until I drop dead.

Hat of My Hats
(Tune: Heart of My Heart)

Hat of my hats, I love what you stand for.
Hat of my hats, you’ve opened many a door.

When we walk out in gaudy purple gowns,
We are rough and ready gals
We’re all good friends, we’re really pals.

And, hat of my hats, you’ve made me great new friends
To you I say, “Congrats! With those flowers on you,
And purple bows upon you
You make my heart sing:
“Hat of my hats!”

Red Hat Ladies
(Tune: Bye Bye Blackbird)

Purple outfits and red hats, We’re a going’ where it’s at,
Red Hat Ladies.
We’re fun lovin’ senior gals, and we are the best of pals, Red Hat Ladies

When you see us smile and say “hello there”,
Funny jokes and laughter, that’s what we share.
Every time we go to lunch, We can’t wait to see the bunch of Red Hat Ladies. Red Hat Ladies.

Hatter Pledges / Vows

These are several examples of pledges/vows a new member or REDuating member can say during a ceremony.  Authors are unknown.  You can tailor these to your own needs.

Pledge Example #1

“I solemnly swear that I will greet middle age with verve, humour and élan.
I will take my silliness seriously as it is the comic relief of life in the spirit of friendship and sisterhood.
I join my red/pink hat sisters as we go for the gusto together.
And beneath the frivolity we will share a bond of affection, common life experiences and a genuine enthusiasm for life and living.”

Pledge Example #2

“We do solemnly promise on our red hats,
That we will do our best to uphold the spirit
Of the ……..(name of the group/chapter) and Red hatting.
And proudly wear the colours – purple outfits and red hats, at all our functions.
And never take our hats off, even though it gives us hat hair.”

Pledge Example #3

“I, ……. pledge to have fun, and only fun with the …….. Red hat group/chapter.
I offer friendship to my Red Hat sisters and respect the ideals of the society.
I will wear my full regalia of purple (lavender) outfit with my red (pink) hat to all chapter gatherings”

Pledge Example #4

“I,…… not solemnly, but with a silly grin, pledge on to uphold the spirit of Red hatting and have fun while participating with my Red Hat sisters.
I will proudly wear my regalia of purple/lavender outfit with my red/pink hat and will participate and give all that I can with my red heart.”

Pledge Example #5

“I……. pledge to wear my colours proudly, never be ashamed of having fun,
And show my spirit of adventure at dressing up and trying something new.
I will forget the troubles of the outside world and turn back the hand of time and reach inside for the little girl within me.
I will laugh, giggle and enjoy in play and treat all fellow Red hatters with hattitude and show honour amongst my hatter sisters.”

Pledge Example #6

“I… being of somewhat sound mind, and desiring to have more fun in the prime of my life, do solemnly swear to uphold the ideals of the RHS, as soon as I figure out what they are.”

Pledge Example #7

“I,_____ , not solemnly but with a silly grin, pledge on my red/pink hat to have fun, and only fun, with ________. I will uphold the spirit by proudly wearing to all gatherings the full regalia of a purple/lavender outfit with an accompanying red/pink hat, even if I look horrific in purple/lavender. I promise to never take off my hat at gatherings, even though it gives me hat hair. I will do more than just belong. I will participate and give all that I can with my red heart. I will be more than friendly, I will be a friend in sisterhood to all the Hatters.”

Pledge Example #8

“I vow to embrace this time in my life as the beginning of the best.
I will reserve at least one day of each month for me.
I accept chocolate as a main food group.
I consider dessert as the main course of a meal.
I will do my best not to take life too seriously.
I choose to laugh as often as possible.
I believe that fun is an essential in life.
I welcome the Red Hat adventures that await me.
I accept the friendships that are around me.
I will be a dedicated Red hatter!”

Pledge Example #9

“Do you solemnly promise on your red hat, that you will do your best, to uphold the spirit of ___{chapter name}___ and The Red Hat Society

and proudly wear the colours at all our functions and never take your hat off, even though it gives you hat hair?
Do you agree to deal with growing more mature with humour and to take our foolishness seriously?

Do you promise to speak only of pleasant subjects at ___{chapter name}____ gatherings?

Do you promise to learn to play your kazoo in the proper manner, or at least learn Happy Birthday?

Do you join in the spirit of friendship & sisterhood as we bond together affectionately, by common, been there, done that & with real enthusiasm for whatever comes next?”

Pledge Example #10

“I, _________________________, A royal subject of the of the red hat society, do hereby pledge:
To wear my hatter colours proudly.
To never be ashamed of having fun.
To show my spirit of adventure at dress-ups by trying something new.
To forget the troubles of the “outside” world during dress-ups.
To turn back time and reach for the little girl inside of me.
To giggle, laugh, dress-up, and play.
To treat not only my chapter, but all other chapters of the red hat society with hattitude that shows honor among all my hatter sisters.”

Friendship Ball

Find a Christmas decoration ball that has a hinged opening or somehow comes apart. Inside place the Friendship ball poem (below) and a small item such as a pair of earrings, a pair of gloves etc. This ball is given to a member who can keep the item inside and add a new one for the next person. They bring the ball with the new treasure inside to the next gathering and pass it on.

The Friendship Ball

A ball is a circle,
No beginning, no end.
It keeps us together.

Like our Circle of Friends.
But the treasure inside, for you to see
is the treasure of friendship

You’ve granted to me.
Today I pass the friendship ball
to you.

Pass it on to someone who is a friend to you.

Scavenger Hunts

A good multi-chapter event. There are numerous ways you can hold a scavenger hunt, so get creative. You can break everyone up into teams of 2 or more. You can have them in one location – such as a shopping centre, or have them search around a whole town.

Set a start and finish time, hand out each team a sheet of instructions and things they are looking for. Make sure you specify if they are to bring back items or just photograph them, and if they need to enter any shops or if they are only to look from outside.

As this is likely to cause some disruption to the shops or shopping centre, please ask the shopping centre management or the council before planning a scavenger hunt.


Shopping Centre

Go to a shopping centre and split into pairs or groups (pair up people who don’t know each other to help them make new friends!) and together they need to find landmarks and other points of interest around the shopping centre. Using cryptic clues for the things the members need to find.


Find a number/letter

Can be done with an indoor shopping centre or small strip of shops – ask the shops to display a number/letter you give them (perhaps cut from red glitter card) in their front window. Hunters need to note the shop name and what letter/number they found.



Set clues for which landmarks they are hunting for.  These could be street signs, statues, a particular tree or shop.  They can photograph the landmark or note down some answer they get from that location.


Photographic Hunt

Teams must take photos of the following scenarios:

  • Photograph a female stranger who is a great example of a red hatter, but doesn’t even know it.
  • Photograph the cutest pair of purple undies you can find.
  • Photograph the team next to a sign with the number 50 on it (could be a house sign, street sign, price sign, etc.)
  • Photograph a Red Hat (must not belong to any of your team)
  • Photograph items that fill in the blanks:
    • I shall spend my pension on ________ and _________
    • I shall go out in my _______________ in the rain
    • And eat three pounds of ______________ at a go
    • Or only ____________ and ____________ for a week
    • And hoard __________s and ____________s and _______mats
    • and things in _________

Hatter Commandments & Creed

The 10 Red Hatter commandments:

  1. Thou shalt use thy Red Hat powers for good deeds (bring joy and laughter to all you meet).
  2. Thou shalt eat thy favorite foods, including chocolate. After all, diet is just a four letter word.
  3. Thou shalt be a kindred spirit in your sisterhood. Keep your confidences and friendships strong.
  4. Thou shalt put on the glitz! Wear purple glory, big red hats, flashy jewellry, and feathers: be a Dame!
  5. Thou shalt play. Be young in heart and mind and your body will follow – -at least most of the time!
  6. Thou shalt welcome the curious and explain the wonders of Red Hat to all who ask, especially small children and handsome men.
  7. Thou shalt accept the things you cannot change, big or small. We’re good at rolling with the punches.
  8. Thou shalt aspire to anything in life at any age. It’s never too late to skydive.
  9. Thou shalt honour thy age and the need to be a little bad.
  10. Thou shalt repeat the first nine commandments, over and over and over.

Author Unknown


Red Hatter creed:

I will not walk softly, but I will carry a big stick.
I will laugh hard, loud, and often I will have fun, and play hard.
I will put all work and responsibilities off until tomorrow.
I will take time to smell the flowers.
I will never use the following words: “diet”, “exercise”, “fat”, “guilt”, “careful”, “slow”, “quiet”, “rules”, “laws”, “boundaries”, or “limits”.
I will never say “Shhhhhhhh”.
I will flaunt my red hat and purple dress.
I will not always endure the restraints of underwear.
I will eat chocolate excessively and unyieldingly.
I will learn to indulge myself in both familiar and unfamiliar ways
And will encourage Red Hat behavior.

by Lil’ Mz.Chevious (Carole Mebane, RHS Moll)

Ode to a Red Hatter

Ode to a Red Hatter

Isn’t it lovely and simply divine?
To finally be fifty and not forty-nine?
Fifty has substance, fifty has style;
Now you can do things that make folks smile.

None of this nonsense talk of “over the hill”
Relax and have fun, just do what you will.
You can wear purple outfits and a silly red chapeau;
Trimmed in feathers and flowers, be always on the go.

None of that “old talk” for this active bunch;
It’s off to bingo, or a tea shop lunch.
We may have some aches; wrinkles may dot the skin;
But we’re in glorious shape, for the shape that we’re in.

We giggle and simper, gossip and tease;
Say what we feel, it’s us that we please.
You may find us silly; you may roll your eyes;
You may think purple, a strange disguise.

But purple is royal, it makes a grand show;
We have a Queen Mother; she is wise we all know.
So dust off the cobwebs and let’s have some fun.
Join The Red Hats, where new life has begun.

You can be an old fogey and sit on the side;
Or join all of us, wear our colors with pride.
That is our story; we hope you’ll agree;
Belonging to The Red Hats, is the best place to be……

(Author Unknown)

Rubies & Pearls of Kilmore

Chapter Name: Rubies & Pearls of Kilmore
Queen: Queen Janesca (Jan)

Membership: Open (Accepting new members)

Contact Chapter:  Phone: 0419509040 Email: