So you have a Red Hatting Chapter (group) but you would like to get new members in (or you’re just starting a group and need members)?  Here’s some tips that might help you.

  • Bring a friend – Allowing members to bring a friend who might be interested can be a good way to introduce potential members to your group.  You may like to organise an outing to a coffee shop or somewhere similar as this first meeting point.  If you’re just starting out and don’t have chapter members yet – don’t forget to ask your friends and family!
  • Business Cards –  We have a blank business cards you can print out yourself, or you can buy inexpensive business cards at places like Vistaprint.  Keep these in your handbag to hand out whenever you talk about the RHS so that ladies can contact you later.
  • Hang up posters – Hang posters or put out flyers in your local area, advertising the RHS and your chapter.  Try places like libraries, Hairdressers, Community centres, Dr Waiting rooms, Supermarkets etc.  (You may like to ask permission to hang up posters).
  • Go out in your Colours – A lot of hatters find out about the RHS by seeing ladies out and about in their Purple & Red.  Make sure you have business cards on you, and go strut your stuff!  If anyone mentions your outfit, start up a conversation about the Society.
  • List your Chapter – Make sure your chapter info is listed on the Chaper Listing here, on the Matilda Rose site and the Official RHS Site to help ladies who are looking for groups, be able to find you.
  • Banners – If you have a Chapter, don’t forget your banner if you’re out somewhere you can display it.  If you don’t have one yet – that could be a great crafty day where you get together to make one!
  • Volunteer – See if you can volunteer to go do a craft activity session at your local community centre, aged care facility or somewhere similar.  Not only is this giving something back to the community, but it can introduce the Society to the ladies there.
  • Local paper – if your area has a local community newspaper, contact them and see if they will run an article for you, or if you can advertise your group in there.  If you have an existing chapter then the paper might be able to to an article on one of your outings, showing photos of you all dressed up nicely.  Which will give the paper something fun to report on, and can help advertise the Society to women who might not have heard of it.
  • Don’t forget the Pinkies! – A lot of women have commented that they have waited until they were 50 to join.  Some of these may have wanted to join as a Red Hatter and not wanted to join before then – but a lot of ladies have not been aware that they could join earlier, as they had only heard about the Red Hatter being over 50, and not heard of the “Pink Hatters”.  So while you’re promoting your chapter, please don’t forget to let ladies know that women under 50 are welcome too!  (And it’s the same society, not a separate one for Pinkies).  Pink Hatters can do all the things the Red Hatters do, they just wear Lavender/Pink until they reach 50.



Got any other suggestions?  Feel free to let us know!