It is customary for Hatters to take on a fanciful name to be known as while they are Hatting.  It’s a bit of fun and a chance to give yourself a Royal Title.  If you are having trouble coming up with your Red Hatting name, here are some suggestions.


Coming up with a name

A Red Hatting Royal Name generally has 2 parts – a royal title of some kind, and then a name that is usually somehow descriptive of the person or the position they hold in the chapter.   You can include your actual name, or it can be just a whimsical name that doesn’t include your actual name at all. You shouldn’t use the “Queen” or “Vice Queen” title unless you are the leader or co-leader of a chapter – as that is what those titles refer to.  Other royal titles are ok to use though.

So think about what sort of title you would like, and then what words would describe you, or what words you would like to have as your name.  Add them together and you get your Red Hatter name!

To give you an idea – I’ve made an online random Red Hatter name generator.  Click here to go to the generator page, click the “generate name” button and see what it comes up with!


Example Titles

Archbishopress, Babette, Baroness, Chairwoman, Consort, Contessa, Countess, Chatelaine, Crone, Czarina, Dame, Diva, Duchess,  Earless, Eminence, Empress, Enchantress, Fair Maiden, Goddess, Governess, Her Royal, Highness, High Priestess, Jester, Judgette, Lady, Madam, Madame, Magess, Majesty, Mamzelle, Marchioness, Majesty, Marquissa, Matriarch, Mayoress, Mistress, Peeress, Pinkie, President, Priestess, Prime Ministress, Princess, Purveyor, Ranee, Regent, Sultana, Sultaness, Tsarina,  Viscountess.


Example Names

(Some of these are actual Red Hatter names, some are suggestions)

  • Amethyst Princess
  • Baroness Bargain Hunter
  • Baroness Belle Chapeau
  • Baroness Bookworm
  • Baroness Bossy Boots
  • Baroness Bownty-Full
  • Baroness de Rouge
  • Baroness of Boobs
  • Baroness of Bulge
  • Baroness Von Blab A Lot
  • Baroness Von Krapponalott
  • Baroness Von Hooters
  • Bodacious Baroness
  • Billie-Lily-Ring-a-Dingy
  • Countess Court Jest-Her
  • Contessa Cabernet
  • Contessa Coffee Bean
  • Contessa d’Champers
  • Contessa of Cosmos
  • Contessa of Glitz
  • Contessa of Sparkle & Sass
  • Countess Champers
  • Countess of Cats
  • Countess of Cleavage
  • Countess of Creativity
  • Countess of Good Cheer
  • Countess of Libations
  • Countess of the Old Bat’s Mobile
  • Court Jester
  • Crone-in-Command
  • Crone Joan
  • Dame Depends
  • Dame of Hotsey Totsey
  • Dame of Whine and Roses
  • Delightful Diva of Red Feathers
  • Divine Diva of Disorder
  • Duchess Ding-a-Ling
  • Duchess Does Little
  • Duchess of Do Little
  • Duchess of Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
  • Duchess of Vices
  • Dutchess of Yarn
  • Duchess Shop A Lot
  • Duchess Short Stuff
  • Empress of E-Bay
  • Empress of Eccentricity
  • Empress of Elegance
  • Empress of Ha-Ha
  • Empress Mystique
  • Empress Wine-o-Lot
  • Exalted Keeper of the Mindatorium
  • Goddess Gad About
  • Goddess Get it Done
  • Goddess of Frivality
  • Goddess of Garage Sales
  • Goddess of Glitz
  • Goddess of the Green Thumb
  • Governess of Celebration
  • Governess of Nonsense
  • Grand Belle of Flooze and Feathers
  • Grand Dame of Desserts
  • Grand Diva of Pizzazz
  • Grand Duchess of CATerwauling
  • Guardian of Geekdom
  • Healer of Heart and Soul
  • Her Highness Handler of History
  • Her Highness Hot Lips
  • Her Highness Hysterical Historian
  • Her Hot Flushingness
  • Her Royal Hotsy Totsy
  • Her Serene Silliness
  • Her Undeniable Naughtiness
  • High Priestess of Poetry
  • Instigator of Impetuousness
  • La Condessa Loca
  • Lady Adventure
  • Lady Catherine of the Chocolates
  • Lady Centerpiece
  • Lady Crimson
  • Lady Dragonfly
  • Lady Flamingo
  • Lady Hoity Toity
  • Lady Lives It Up To The Last
  • Lady LaDeeDa
  • Lady Late-a-lot
  • Lady Laughs-A-Lott
  • Lady Lock-up
  • Lady Munchkin
  • Lady Tartan-It-Up
  • Lady of Camping
  • Lady of Laughter
  • Lady of Leisure
  • Lady of the Loo
  • Lady Tulips
  • Lady Twinkle Toes
  • Lady of Walking
  • La Femme Fatale
  • La Femme Royale
  • Luscious Lady of the Lake
  • Madam de Plonk
  • Madame LaMuncherie
  • Madam Work in Progress
  • Magical Maestro
  • Miss Chevious
  • Mistress of Anxiety
  • Mistress of Ineptitude
  • Mistress of Manners
  • Mistress of Merriment
  • Mistress of Merriment and Mischief
  • Mistress of the Vast Waistland
  • Periwinkle Princess
  • Pretty Princess
  • Prime Ministress of Rulelessness
  • Princess Delight
  • Princess Procrastination
  • Princess Peoney
  • Princess Picture Perfect
  • Purple Passion Majesty
  • Princess Cind-a-lot of Spend-a-lot
  • Queen a da Ritz
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Queen of Vices
  • Royal Court Damsel
  • Ruler of Secrecy, Mystery and Clever Antics
  • The Chairman Of The Board
  • The Mad Hatter
  • Viscountess of Vast Waistland
  • Viscountess of Visiting
  • Viscountess Von Foo Foo
  • Your Grace Lady Ruby Red


Example Chapter Role Names

(If you have designated roles in the chapter, the titles for those roles could be something like these)

  • Treasurer = Keeper of the Koins, Duchess of Dough, Miss Moneybags, Purveyor of the Purple Privy Purse
  • Secretary/Communications = Town Crier, Contessa d’Communique, Dutchess of Dialing, Empress of Email, Duchess Ding-a-Ling
  • Event Organiser =  Mistress of Tourism, Events Un-Coordinator, Chatelaine of Adventure Outings, Regent of Reservations
  • Birthday Organiser = Baroness of Birthdays, Dame of Dates,
  • Photographer = Countess Shutterbug, Dame Purple Paparazzi, Kountess Kodak, Priestess of Point and Click