The following are some common customs of the RHS

  • Bling – The more the merrier!  Any kind of shiny, sparkly accessory you can add is great.    Many Hatters like to collect brooches as well as wearing pearls and rhinestone jewellery.
  • “Dessert first” – We’re about having fun and not having to “act your age” – so why not have dessert first!
  • “Hoots” – A hoot is a get-together of Hatters.  Generally an informal and unstructured event, some people use the term for all gatherings and events.
  • Feathers & Feather Boas – Boas add some fun, but the feathers themselves represent the freedom to come out and play as well as being love (red) and hugs (purple).  If feathers fall off your boas, save them to give away as little gifts – they are “boa-seeds” or “baby boas”, and if nurtured they could grow into a full feather boa one day :)
  • Reversed Colours – The regular dresscode is a red hat with purple clothing (or a pink hat with lavender clothing).  However you can “reverse your colours” (wear a purple hat with red clothing), on your birth month and the birth month of the RHS (April)
  • Sashes & Stoles – A great way to display your brooches – which saves poking holes in your clothing and means you don’t have to move them from outfit to outfit.