25 Hatters from Australia and New Zealand cruised from Melbourne to Tasmania aboard the magnificent Golden Princess Cruise ship.  Enjoying 6 days of fun and laughter!  Scenic cruising around Wineglass Bay, stopping in Port Arthur and Hobart (where we had a delightful lunch with the Hobart Hatters) before traveling back to the mainland with a stop at Phillip Island.



Photo Gallery

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20160205_104522 Dscn1812


The First eager Hatters at the terminal, and the start of the departure party

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Dscn1889 Dscn1892


The Golden Princess Cruise Ship

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Scenic cruising around Wineglass Bay – There were even dolphins playing in the water!

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Looking even more glamorous than usual for the Formal Night

Dscn1991 Dscn1993


Italian Night.  Lambert the waiter was such great fun!

Dscn2113 Dscn2115


Honorary Pink Hatter Sasha, at our scheduled Hatter Meet up.

Dscn2117 Dscn2119


Port Arthur

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Dscn2028 Dscn2083

Lunch with the Hobart Hatters

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 Dscn2163 Dscn2166



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Hatting around the Ship

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High Tea

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Dscn2248 Dscn2251


Balloon Drop Ceremony

Dscn2260 Dscn2269Dscn2254 Dscn2271


Phillip Island

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Dscn2294 Dscn2296


Final Night Dinner

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Dscn2344 Dscn2337


Flying up to Skywalkers Nightclub

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Goodbye, We’ll miss everyone!