A fabulous weekend of fun and friendship at the Memories Thru The Ages Convention!

Starting off on Friday with a beach themed dinner.  With themed table decorations, live music and a beach photo booth!  There were some fabulous costumes on display including an amazing mermaid, Jellyfish hatted ladies, bikini-tshirt wearing ladies, old fashioned bathing suits and even a surfboard!

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Saturday morning we were up early enjoying a buffet breakfast, then some ladies ventured off to do a tour of the Yarra Valley.  Stopping at the Blue Lotus Water Gardens, Rayners Orchard and the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Icecreamery!

There was also a Tramboat cruise on offer.  Those who stayed at the hotel were treated to linedancing classes in preparation for the dinner that evening, and hatmaking classes where the ladies learned how to turn the humble placemat into a fabulous fascinator! The creativity of the ladies was amazing!

That evening we had a fabulous Country & Western themed dinner with more live music, fantastic themed table decorations and a fabulous photo booth complete with hay bales!

Sunday morning we had another delicious buffet breakfast – this time with a Mad Hatter theme!

And finally, before we all had to go home again, we had a banner parade!