The restaurant at the Growling Frog Golf Club was awash with a sea of purple and red on Wednesday 25th July. In attendance were 60 red hatters in all their glorious finery and glittering jewels to celebrate the 17th birthday of red hatting in Australia.

The Merry Muck-ups, the Wandering Wenches and the Rubies & Pearls combined forces to ensure that the day was one to remember. There was even a good old fashioned “Chook raffle”. Imagine Jenny’s surprise when she won first prize – a rubber chook (later substituted for a handmade purple velvet chook suitably decorated in sparkling jewels).

Hatters dined on a superbly presented 3 course lunch by staff members that were only too happy to join in the frivolity of the day. The best news to come out of the day was the staff decided to create a new Red Hat chapter at the golf club with their Queen being named as Contessa Raffaela.