Pass the parcel – with a difference! Everyone sits in a circle or around a table. A wrapped gift (or more than one if you have a large group) is handed out to start with. The ladies will be passing the gift around as the story is read out. The lady/ladies who have the gifts at the end of the story gets to keep them!

  • When the word LEFT is read, the parcel gets passed to the LEFT
  • When the word RIGHT or WRIGHT is read, the parcel gets passed to the RIGHT
  • The word ACROSS is read, the parcel gets passed to the person directly OPPOSITE
  • The word AROUND is read, the person holding the parcel stands up, turns AROUND on the spot and sits down again. (or they can just pass the parcel around their head).



Read out the following story:

“It was a beautiful Christmas Eve. The summer breeze was blowing. Everything seemed perfectly RIGHT for the evening. There was enough biscuits LEFT to share with the Reindeers RIGHT along with the plate of carrots LEFT for them by in the front yard.

Bill and Sheila WRIGHT thought it would be a great time to drive RIGHT ACROSS town and deliver Grandma WRIGHT’S Xmas present. Grandma WRIGHT had not LEFT her home for a week as the flu had LEFT her feeling poorly.

Mr. WRIGHT and Mrs. WRIGHT LEFT in their bright red car. They had driven half way ACROSS town when Mrs. WRIGHT said to Mr. WRIGHT, “I LEFT Grandma’s eggs RIGHT there on the kitchen counter.” Mr. WRIGHT quickly turned AROUND and drove RIGHT back ACROSS town to their home.

Pulling up in the driveway, Mrs. WRIGHT jumped RIGHT out of the car and LEFT her door open. Mrs. WRIGHT said, “I’ll be RIGHT back.” Snowball, their dog, saw the car door LEFT open and jumped RIGHT into the car, RIGHT ACROSS the front seat, turned AROUND and jumped RIGHT into the back seat.

About this time, Mrs. WRIGHT showed up with Grandma WRIGHT’S eggs and said to Mr. WRIGHT, “They were RIGHT where I LEFT them, in the kitchen.” Mrs. WRIGHT was surprised to see Snowball in the car. Mrs. WRIGHT thought they had LEFT him AROUND in the back yard. However, Mr. WRIGHT had forgotten and LEFT the gate unlocked. Mr. and Mrs. WRIGHT LEFT Snowball in the back seat of the car as they once again LEFT their driveway for Grandma WRIGHT’S home.

As Mr. and Mrs. WRIGHT drove along enjoying the beautiful festive lights all AROUND them, they felt as if they had LEFT all their worries somewhere else. It was Christmas Eve and they were surrounded, both on the RIGHT and on the LEFT with gently swaying trees.

Mr. WRIGHT’S car turned RIGHT onto the street where Grandma WRIGHT lived. As they walked ACROSS the pavement to Grandma WRIGHT’S they could see that she had LEFT her porch light on. They could see Grandma WRIGHT peeking through the curtains as they walked ACROSS the garden and up her steps. Snowball had begun to bark and run AROUND as he did not want to be LEFT out!

What a nice surprise for Grandma WRIGHT, she had not been LEFT alone at Xmas!

Grandma WRIGHT stood RIGHT by the door and opened it. Grandma WRIGHT said, “What a wonderful surprise.” Mr. WRIGHT and Mrs. WRIGHT were also surprised to see that Grandma WRIGHT had LEFT her bed and that her illness had not LEFT her too weak. She was walking AROUND quite happily.

Grandma WRIGHT wanted to celebrate what was LEFT of Xmas Eve. So Grandma WRIGHT LEFT Mr. WRIGHT and Mrs. WRIGHT and went RIGHT ACROSS into the kitchen to stir AROUND a pot of RIGHT warm hot chocolate. Grandma WRIGHT made sure she had all the RIGHT ingredients and carefully stirred it AROUND and AROUND and AROUND.

They all shared a RIGHT warm festive feeling as they sat on the cozy sofa, listening to the summer breezes and sipping their hot chocolate, which was just the RIGHT temperature. Mr. WRIGHT walked ACROSS the room and opened the door to check on Snowball. He was fast asleep, RIGHT there on the doorstep where they had LEFT him.

Mr. WRIGHT and Mrs. WRIGHT turned AROUND and smiled at each other, knowing they will never forget this special evening. They LEFT with the true spirit of Xmas in their hearts. They knew that they had done the RIGHT thing by sharing their Xmas Eve with Grandma WRIGHT.”