Score 1 point for each answer you answer “yes” to.
Person with either the most or least points wins!

Or you can have everyone sitting down, and stand up when they answer yes. The winner is the last person left sitting down.

  • Called your significant other (by mistake) by the wrong name?
  • Lost a member of the family in the shopping centre?
  • Locked the keys in your car?
  • Turned white colours pink (or another colour) in the wash?
  • Let your bath water over flow?
  • Forgotten to wear deodorant… all day?
  • Had your zipper break in public?
  • Gone somewhere with two different socks on?
  • Fallen up the stairs?
  • Forgotten your home phone number?
  • Got into the car to go somewhere and forgot where you were going?
  • Put something in the oven to bake and forgot about it?
  • Forgot to pick up your kids after school?
  • Run out of petrol?
  • Gone shopping in your Pjs (as an adult)?
  • Lied about your age?
  • Worn black lacy knickers?
  • Played a guitar (to any degree)?
  • Worn braces on your teeth?
  • Pawned anything?
  • Come home to find out you’ve worn your top inside out all day?
  • Stayed awake for 24 hours straight?
  • Met a celebrity?
  • Broken a bone?
  • Performed on stage?
  • Ridden a camel or elephant?
  • Forgotten where you parked the car?
  • Locked yourself out of the house?
  • Put something unusual in the freezer?
  • Made a prank phone call?
  • Driven a car before you had your license?
  • Hitchhiked?
  • Gone skinnydipping?