The hills were awash with a sea of red and purple, when 80 Red and Pink Hatters from around Victoria (and the border) got together for a weekend of fun (and a little business).

The “Arabian Nights and Majestic Days” weekend event saw the ladies starting out with a ride on the Puffing Billy steam train to Emerald, where they enjoyed a picnic, a stroll around Emerald Lake park and some shopping!


Later that evening the ladies were dazzled with bellydance performances and had fun dressing up for an “Arabian Nights” themed dinner.


Then, after all the fun and frivolity, it was eventually time to get down to business. The Queens and Vice Queens from 21 different groups around Victoria got together to share ideas and network as part of the annual “Queen’s Council” lunch.

Puffing Billy

PuffingArabian06 Arabian01


13133143_10154117770654134_8432290109711092723_n Arabian04  ArabianNights24b PuffingArabian11PuffingArabian15 PuffingArabian14

PuffingArabian13 ArabianNights27 Heather_Arabian03 Heather_Arabian06

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Arabian Nights

 Arabian_bohka4 Arabian_hh2  Arabian16 ArabianNights07  ArabianNights11 ArabianNights15 PuffingArabian49 PuffingArabian21  PuffingArabian29 PuffingArabian33 ArabianNights10 PuffingArabian45  PuffingArabian47  PuffingArabian51 PuffingArabian53 PuffingArabian62 PuffingArabian64 arabian_bag

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