The 2016 Queen’s Council (Queenathon) was held on 1st May in Wantirna.  There were Queens/Vice Queens and representatives from 21 Chapters around Victoria.


The event was held with topics being discussed first on each table, then a summary of those discussed points was given to the entire room, so that everyone could benefit from the sharing of ideas.

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Download a summary of the discussion points that were raised by the whole group:


The decision was made that the Queen’s Council / Queenathon will be held on the 3rd or 4th weekend in May each year.  There was no preference for either date, so the host of the event may choose which of those weekends to use.

A “Queen’s Handbook” that includes information on the topics discussed, as well a resources from this website and other sources, has been created and is available to download

Queen’s Handbook


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