The 10 Red Hatter commandments:

  1. Thou shalt use thy Red Hat powers for good deeds (bring joy and laughter to all you meet).
  2. Thou shalt eat thy favorite foods, including chocolate. After all, diet is just a four letter word.
  3. Thou shalt be a kindred spirit in your sisterhood. Keep your confidences and friendships strong.
  4. Thou shalt put on the glitz! Wear purple glory, big red hats, flashy jewellry, and feathers: be a Dame!
  5. Thou shalt play. Be young in heart and mind and your body will follow – -at least most of the time!
  6. Thou shalt welcome the curious and explain the wonders of Red Hat to all who ask, especially small children and handsome men.
  7. Thou shalt accept the things you cannot change, big or small. We’re good at rolling with the punches.
  8. Thou shalt aspire to anything in life at any age. It’s never too late to skydive.
  9. Thou shalt honour thy age and the need to be a little bad.
  10. Thou shalt repeat the first nine commandments, over and over and over.

Author Unknown


Red Hatter creed:

I will not walk softly, but I will carry a big stick.
I will laugh hard, loud, and often I will have fun, and play hard.
I will put all work and responsibilities off until tomorrow.
I will take time to smell the flowers.
I will never use the following words: “diet”, “exercise”, “fat”, “guilt”, “careful”, “slow”, “quiet”, “rules”, “laws”, “boundaries”, or “limits”.
I will never say “Shhhhhhhh”.
I will flaunt my red hat and purple dress.
I will not always endure the restraints of underwear.
I will eat chocolate excessively and unyieldingly.
I will learn to indulge myself in both familiar and unfamiliar ways
And will encourage Red Hat behavior.

by Lil’ Mz.Chevious (Carole Mebane, RHS Moll)