A good multi-chapter event. There are numerous ways you can hold a scavenger hunt, so get creative. You can break everyone up into teams of 2 or more. You can have them in one location – such as a shopping centre, or have them search around a whole town.

Set a start and finish time, hand out each team a sheet of instructions and things they are looking for. Make sure you specify if they are to bring back items or just photograph them, and if they need to enter any shops or if they are only to look from outside.

As this is likely to cause some disruption to the shops or shopping centre, please ask the shopping centre management or the council before planning a scavenger hunt.


Shopping Centre

Go to a shopping centre and split into pairs or groups (pair up people who don’t know each other to help them make new friends!) and together they need to find landmarks and other points of interest around the shopping centre. Using cryptic clues for the things the members need to find.


Find a number/letter

Can be done with an indoor shopping centre or small strip of shops – ask the shops to display a number/letter you give them (perhaps cut from red glitter card) in their front window. Hunters need to note the shop name and what letter/number they found.



Set clues for which landmarks they are hunting for.  These could be street signs, statues, a particular tree or shop.  They can photograph the landmark or note down some answer they get from that location.


Photographic Hunt

Teams must take photos of the following scenarios:

  • Photograph a female stranger who is a great example of a red hatter, but doesn’t even know it.
  • Photograph the cutest pair of purple undies you can find.
  • Photograph the team next to a sign with the number 50 on it (could be a house sign, street sign, price sign, etc.)
  • Photograph a Red Hat (must not belong to any of your team)
  • Photograph items that fill in the blanks:
    • I shall spend my pension on ________ and _________
    • I shall go out in my _______________ in the rain
    • And eat three pounds of ______________ at a go
    • Or only ____________ and ____________ for a week
    • And hoard __________s and ____________s and _______mats
    • and things in _________