Chapter Name: Delectable Divas of Distinction
Queen: Queen Linda

 Description: The Delectable Divas of Distinction have a maximum membership of 15 Divas. We were formed in 2011 and Diva Queen Dianne had the pleasure of initiating and naming the very first Chapter between Canberra and Melbourne (The Purple Power Surge Girls) in 2005, so we are all looking forward to celebrating her 10th year as a Queen.

We meet 13 times per year for breakfast, lunch or dinner and attend other Chapter’s functions when we can. Our Playdays are always themed (not obligatory of course) and we have much singing, 50c raffles, story telling etc during our eating time.  Each Diva takes her turn at choosing a Venue for us to attend, and we are so fortunate to have so many different places in our area, including the Rutherglen Wineries.

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