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Red Hats Victoria

Celebrating Red Hatting in Victoria (Australia)

Ode to a Red Hatter

Ode to a Red Hatter

Isn’t it lovely and simply divine?
To finally be fifty and not forty-nine?
Fifty has substance, fifty has style;
Now you can do things that make folks smile.

None of this nonsense talk of “over the hill”
Relax and have fun, just do what you will.
You can wear purple outfits and a silly red chapeau;
Trimmed in feathers and flowers, be always on the go.

None of that “old talk” for this active bunch;
It’s off to bingo, or a tea shop lunch.
We may have some aches; wrinkles may dot the skin;
But we’re in glorious shape, for the shape that we’re in.

We giggle and simper, gossip and tease;
Say what we feel, it’s us that we please.
You may find us silly; you may roll your eyes;
You may think purple, a strange disguise.

But purple is royal, it makes a grand show;
We have a Queen Mother; she is wise we all know.
So dust off the cobwebs and let’s have some fun.
Join The Red Hats, where new life has begun.

You can be an old fogey and sit on the side;
Or join all of us, wear our colors with pride.
That is our story; we hope you’ll agree;
Belonging to The Red Hats, is the best place to be……

(Author Unknown)

Rubies & Pearls of Kilmore

Chapter Name: Rubies & Pearls of Kilmore
Queen: Queen Janesca (Jan)

Membership: Open (Accepting new members)

Contact Chapter:  Phone: 0419509040 Email:

Queen’s Council 2016

The 2016 Queen’s Council (Queenathon) was held on 1st May in Wantirna.  There were Queens/Vice Queens and representatives from 21 Chapters around Victoria.


The event was held with topics being discussed first on each table, then a summary of those discussed points was given to the entire room, so that everyone could benefit from the sharing of ideas.

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Arabian Nights & Majestic Days 2016

The hills were awash with a sea of red and purple, when 80 Red and Pink Hatters from around Victoria (and the border) got together for a weekend of fun (and a little business).

The “Arabian Nights and Majestic Days” weekend event saw the ladies starting out with a ride on the Puffing Billy steam train to Emerald, where they enjoyed a picnic, a stroll around Emerald Lake park and some shopping!


Later that evening the ladies were dazzled with bellydance performances and had fun dressing up for an “Arabian Nights” themed dinner.


Then, after all the fun and frivolity, it was eventually time to get down to business. The Queens and Vice Queens from 21 different groups around Victoria got together to share ideas and network as part of the annual “Queen’s Council” lunch.

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Photo Gallery – Queen’s Council

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Arabian17 Arabian18 Arabian19 Arabian21 Arabian22 Arabian23 Arabian24 Arabian25 Arabian27 ArabianNights33

ArabianNights35 ArabianNights38

ArabianNights37 Heather_Arabian18 Heather_Arabian19

ArabianNights36 qq_boxes

Photo Gallery – Puffing Billy

ArabianNights22 Heather_Arabian01

PuffingArabian01 PuffingArabian02

PuffingArabian04 PuffingArabian05

PuffingArabian07 ArabianNights23

Arabian02 Arabian03 Arabian06 Heather_Arabian02
ArabianNights21 PuffingArabian09

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 ArabianNights32 ArabianNights31

ArabianNights28 ArabianNights29


Arabian07 Arabian08 Arabian09 Arabian10                PuffingArabian19

Photo Gallery – Arabian Nights

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Arabian11 Arabian12

Arabian13 PuffingArabian48

ArabianNights03 ArabianNights12

ArabianNights01 ArabianNights02  ArabianNights05

ArabianNights04  ArabianNights06 ArabianNights09  ArabianNights14

ArabianNights19 ArabianNights20

ArabianNightsFunction1 PuffingArabian22 PuffingArabian38 Heather_Arabian13 PuffingArabian20 PuffingArabian23 PuffingArabian27

Arabian14 PuffingArabian44

PuffingArabian46 PuffingArabian26

PuffingArabian25 PuffingArabian31PuffingArabian28 PuffingArabian30 PuffingArabian32 PuffingArabian34 PuffingArabian35 PuffingArabian36   PuffingArabian40 PuffingArabian41 PuffingArabian42 PuffingArabian43  PuffingArabian50 PuffingArabian52 PuffingArabian54 PuffingArabian55 PuffingArabian58 PuffingArabian61 ArabianNightsFunction2

Performances by Bohka Tribal and Happy Hips Bellydance

Arabian_bohka5 Arabian_bohka6

Arabian_hh3 Arabian_hh4

REDuation Ceremony

The REDuation ceremony celebrates the progression from Pink Hatter to Red Hatter.


  • The Reduate can wear a pink hat which is then passed to the next youngest Pinkie to represent passing on of knowledge, that Pinkie can use that hat for her REDuation and so on.
  • The old pink hat can be burned or put away in a hat box, to symbolise that it is not needed any more.
  • The REDuate dresses in purple clothing but with a lavender shawl/cloak/fabric over the top, so that she can remove it when she is declared a Red Hatter
  • The Warning poem can be read out, and items given to the REDuate to represent the lines of the poem

Example #1
The member starts off wearing her Pink Hat and standing on a pink rug/square, with a new Red Hat being held on a cushion by the Queen who has a red rug/square in front of her. The chapter members stand on either side of the room and the Reduate starts walking towards the Queen. Carrying a basket or tote bag. As the passes the members, they hand her items from the Warning poem, such as brandy, sausages, slippers and a bunch of flowers (preferably picked from someone’s garden). At the end, the Vice Queen presents her with a copy of the Warning poem and takes the Pink hat from her head. The Queen then places her new Red hat onto her head, and presents her with a certificate of REDuation.

Example #2
The member, dressed in pink hat, stands on a pink rug and is given a pink gift bag with a symbol of her first 50 years of life (a baby bottle, nappy, doll, training bra, condom etc.). She walks towards the Queen, discarding the items from the bag as she goes. When she gets to the Queen, the Queen says: “Are you ready to leave behind your ‘Pinkness’ and move forward to embrace and uphold the spirit of the Red Hat Society?” When the member says yes, the Queen removes her pink hat and replaces it with a red hat. She is given a red gift bag with symbols of her journey to Red hattedness (tums, incontinence pads, walking stick, license for picking flowers, booklet on learning to spit etc.). The Hatter pledge/vows are read.

Example #3
Stepping stones are made using fabric/paper squares that start light pink and become red. The member walks on the stones towards the red. As she goes, the other members hand her artificial flowers starting with light pink and becoming darker until she reaches the end and received a red flower. The Queen ties the bouquet together with red and and purple ribbons, removes her pink hat and replaces it with a red hat. The pledges/vows are made

Example #4
The member arrives wearing her Pink Hat & lavender. She walks through the front garden past symbols of her youth (pink accessories). She enters the house and is directed to where she can get changed into her purple clothing and Red hat and walks to the back garden where there are symbols of her old age (red accessories, incontinence pads, glasses etc.). Each member holds a pink balloon which is popped to symbolise popping her Pink bubble.

Example #5
The members stand facing each other in a column leading towards the Queen. Pink hatters are first in the line, then the Red hatters. The REDuate holds a lit pink candle and the Queen holds a lit red candle. The hatters hold their hats to form an archway for the REDuate to walk under towards the Queen. As she passes under them, they replace their hats and turn to face the Queen. When she has arrived before the Queen, the Queen says: “Sisters, to represent the death of her old life in a PINK Hat, please extinguish the flame of your sister’s PINK candle”. The members blow out the candle, then chant “PINK be gone, PINK be gone, this girl wants a Red Hat on!”

The Queen hands her the lit red candle will say:
“Your sisters have put out your pink candle’s flame
And invite you to join in the Red-Hatter’s fame
In its place we offer this candle of red
As we ready to place a new hat on your head.
So gather around, my sisters fair
We haven’t got but a minute to spare
This princess has made her last pink bow
And she’s aching to be a Red Hat now!
No longer is 50 a birthday to dread
But cause for a celebration instead
So gather around and join in a wheel
And ask that our sister please kneel
As I carefully lift her pink hat from her head
To replace it today with a new one in red
From this day forward she’ll wear purple to say
She’s ready to come out with the big girls and play!”

The sisters all shout: “PINK is gone, PINK is gone, now a hat of Red is on! YAY!!!!”

Welcoming a New Member

New members can be welcomed with a ceremony where they can be presented with their name-badge and officially be given their Royal name.   You may also like to give them a Red Hatter survival Kit.  There are pledges/vows the new member can take as well. These can be tailored to your needs.

For the ceremony, you can call the member forth. You may like to have a red carpet (length of red fabric or scarf/sarong/pashmina), with the chapter members standing along each side to form a walkway. Members can hold (closed) umbrellas/parasols up to form an archway.

The Queen should say some words of greeting to the new member. The 10 Red Hatter commandments could be read:

  1. Thou shalt use thy Red Hat powers for good deeds (bring joy and laughter to all you meet).
  2. Thou shalt eat thy favorite foods, including chocolate. After all, diet is just a four letter word.
  3. Thou shalt be a kindred spirit in your sisterhood. Keep your confidences and friendships strong.
  4. Thou shalt put on the glitz! Wear purple glory, big red hats, flashy jewellry, and feathers: be a Dame!
  5. Thou shalt play. Be young in heart and mind and your body will follow – -at least most of the time!
  6. Thou shalt welcome the curious and explain the wonders of Red Hat to all who ask, especially small children and handsome men.
  7. Thou shalt accept the things you cannot change, big or small. We’re good at rolling with the punches.
  8. Thou shalt aspire to anything in life at any age. It’s never too late to skydive.
  9. Thou shalt honour thy age and the need to be a little bad.
  10. Thou shalt repeat the first nine commandments, over and over and over.


The member should take a pledge/vow (See examples below), which can be in the form of the Queen asking and the member responding (“Do you swear to….” and the “I do” response), or the member can be given the pledge to read from. It is customary for the member to hold their right hand on their hat while making the pledge.

After this the Queen can make an announcement that the new person is now a member of their chapter. Cheering and playing of kazoos may follow.


Pledge Example #1

“I solemnly swear that I will greet middle age with verve, humour and élan.
I will take my silliness seriously as it is the comic relief of life in the spirit of friendship and sisterhood.
I join my red/pink hat sisters as we go for the gusto together.
And beneath the frivolity we will share a bond of affection, common life experiences and a genuine enthusiasm for life and living.”

Pledge Example #2

“We do solemnly promise on our red hats,
That we will do our best to uphold the spirit
Of the ……..(name of the group/chapter) and Red hatting.
And proudly wear the colours – purple outfits and red hats, at all our functions.
And never take our hats off, even though it gives us hat hair.”

Pledge Example #3

“I, ……. pledge to have fun, and only fun with the …….. Red hat group/chapter.
I offer friendship to my Red Hat sisters and respect the ideals of the society.
I will wear my full regalia of purple (lavender) outfit with my red (pink) hat to all chapter gatherings”

Pledge Example #4

“I,…… not solemnly, but with a silly grin, pledge on to uphold the spirit of Red hatting and have fun while participating with my Red Hat sisters.
I will proudly wear my regalia of purple/lavender outfit with my red/pink hat and will participate and give all that I can with my red heart.”

Pledge Example #5

“I……. pledge to wear my colours proudly, never be ashamed of having fun,
And show my spirit of adventure at dressing up and trying something new.
I will forget the troubles of the outside world and turn back the hand of time and reach inside for the little girl within me.
I will laugh, giggle and enjoy in play and treat all fellow Red hatters with hattitude and show honour amongst my hatter sisters.”

Pledge Example #6

“I… being of somewhat sound mind, and desiring to have more fun in the prime of my life, do solemnly swear to uphold the ideals of the RHS, as soon as I figure out what they are.”

Pledge Example #7

“I,_____ , not solemnly but with a silly grin, pledge on my red/pink hat to have fun, and only fun, with ________. I will uphold the spirit by proudly wearing to all gatherings the full regalia of a purple/lavender outfit with an accompanying red/pink hat, even if I look horrific in purple/lavender. I promise to never take off my hat at gatherings, even though it gives me hat hair. I will do more than just belong. I will participate and give all that I can with my red heart. I will be more than friendly, I will be a friend in sisterhood to all the Hatters.”

Pledge Example #8

“I vow to embrace this time in my life as the beginning of the best.
I will reserve at least one day of each month for me.
I accept chocolate as a main food group.
I consider dessert as the main course of a meal.
I will do my best not to take life too seriously.
I choose to laugh as often as possible.
I believe that fun is an essential in life.
I welcome the Red Hat adventures that await me.
I accept the friendships that are around me.
I will be a dedicated Red hatter!”

Pledge Example #9

“Do you solemnly promise on your red hat, that you will do your best, to uphold the spirit of … … and The Red Hat Society and proudly wear the colours at all our functions and never take your hat off, even though it gives you hat hair?
Do you agree to deal with growing more mature with humour and to take our foolishness seriously? Do you promise to speak only of pleasant subjects at The Grateful Reds gatherings? Do you promise to learn to play your kazoo in the proper manner, or at least learn Happy Birthday? Do you join in the spirit of friendship & sisterhood as we bond together affectionately, by common, been there, done that & with real enthusiasm for whatever comes next?”

Pledge Example #10

“I, _________________________, A royal subject of the of the red hat society, do hereby pledge:
To wear my hatter colours proudly.
To never be ashamed of having fun.
To show my spirit of adventure at dress-ups by trying something new.
To forget the troubles of the “outside” world during dress-ups.
To turn back time and reach for the little girl inside of me.
To giggle, laugh, dress-up, and play.
To treat not only my chapter, but all other chapters of the red hat society with hattitude that shows honor among all my hatter sisters.”

Literal Fashion Show

The idea is to take an outfit name, such as “bell bottoms” and make a literal version, for example attaching bells onto your derriere. A selection of names for clothing items that could have literal meanings are placed in a hat and members draw one (keeping it secret), then at the fashion show (perhaps a week or two later) they show off the creations they have made.  Having fun descriptions to read out as the ladies are showing off their creations would be good

The Commentator can wear a sack dress with potatoes on it (common-tater ;) )


  • “Pillbox hat” – a hat with medication boxes attached
  • “Ball gown” – dress with balls attached
  • “Bloomers” – pants with artificial flowers on them
  • “Double breasted jacket” – jacket with 2 bras
  • “Print Dress” – Dress made out of newspapers
  • “14 Karat Necklace” – 14 plastic carrots made into a necklace
  • “Crop Top or Pants” – A blouse or pants with plastic vegetables attached to it
  • “Bell Bottoms” – Pants with bells attached to them
  • “Bloomers” – Ladies bloomers with flowers attached to them
  • “Tea Dress” – Dress with tea bags attached to it
  • “Ball Gown” – Dress with balls attached to it
  • “Straw Hat” – Hat with plastic drinking straws attached to it
  • “Bare Feet” – bear slippers
  • “Box pleated skirt” – hang small boxes from ribbons fastened around waist
  • “Dressed to the Nines”  – fasten the number 9 on a garment
  • “Panty hose” – Fasten a length of garden hose to a pair of coloured underpants
  • “Baby doll PJ’s'” – small dolls onto a pair of PJ’s
  • “Hot pants” – A heating pad front and back on a pair of shorts
  • “spring dress/hat” – Slinkies or springs attached to the dress/hat
  • “pin stripe” – rows of safety pins
  • “An EYE catching dress” – attach weird eye glasses to it, with a huge eye drawn on paper and pinned to the back of it.
  • “Tie Back” – men’s ties pinned to the back
  • “Chequred drerss” –  blank cheques pinned on dress
  • “Turtleneck” – a stuffed turtle tied around one’s neck
  • “Brief case” – pair of men’s briefs stretched over a purse
  • “cocktail dress” – a long evening dress covered with small plastic glasses, or feathers
  • “Cotton Dress” – cotton balls stuck to the dress
  • “A-Line” –  letter “A____” written on garment
  • “Sweet Ensemble” – garment covered in lollies
  • “House Shoes” – pictures of houses on the shoes.
  • “Card’igan” – fasten playing cards or greeting cards onto a jumper
  • “House dress” – pictures of houses all over a dress
  • “plunging neck line” –  a toilet plunger on a rope hung around the neck
  • “Sweat pants” –  attach empty deodorant bottles to a pair of tracksuit pants
  • “Regular Dress” –  prunes, bran, laxatives.
  • “Garden Dress” – seed packages on it
  • “sun dress” –  dress covered with pictures of the sun

Christmas and Birthdays

Some chapters have celebrations they do for Christmas and Birthdays. Some chapters will send members a birthday card on their birthday, or mention all the birthdays for the month in their newsletters. Chapter funds may be used to pay for a drink for the member whose birthday falls during that month – or other such customs.

Some ideas for Christmas gift exchange are:

  • Everyone brings a giftwrapped box containing items to a value of $10 or $20. These are placed on a table and are given at random to members (making sure the member does not receive her own box). The boxes are reused for the next year gifts.
  • As above, but another variant can be that the gifts can have a particular theme, or can be in the form of 5 low cost items of a particular type, for example: “One for the bedroom, one for the bathroom, one for the kitchen, one personal and something red”.
  • White Elephant exchange – Everyone brings a wrapped up item with a $5 value. The first person picks a wrapped gift at random an opens it. The next person can choose to steal the gift the first person opened, or select a new one. Then the next person has their turn, and so on. When a gift is stolen, the person whose gift was stolen may either replace it with a gift stolen from someone else or select a new gift. The game ends when the last unwrapped gift has been chosen.
  • Truth be Told – Have around 10-20 statements written on slips of paper. Everyone starts with a wrapped gift in front of them. When a statement is read out, anyone who answers yes to the statement has to swap their gift with someone else. Statements can be things such as “have you ever gone overseas”, “are you wearing pearls” etc.
  • The Right/Left game – there are several versions of the stories that can be read out, but the way they are played is always the same. (There is a Christmas version in our games section) You can start with everyone holding a gift, or just use the one gift – and as the story is read out, whenever the word “RIGHT” is spoken, everyone hands the gift to the person on their right. When “LEFT” is spoken, the gift is passed to the person on the left. Some versions also include “ACROSS” where it is passed across the table to the person opposite.

Hosting an Event

You may like to hold a larger get-together with ladies from other local chapters, or open it up to invite any Hatters from around Victoria or Australia. Organising a larger event can be a bit daunting so here are some tips:

  • Pick a date that doesn’t conflict with any existing events or any public holidays.
  • Choose a venue that has good access to public transport and facilities for those with mobility issues. If serving food, check they can cater for food intolerances.
  • Work out your costings and what dates you’ll need to cancel by to get deposits back.
  • Be mindful of the cost – not all Hatters have the same budgets (or time)
  • Splitting events up and charging for each part separately would allow for Hatters with a limited budget, or those who cannot be away for a whole weekend to attend some parts of the event
  • Communicate with other chapter Queens – Letting them know of the event, and if necessary asking for their assistance in running it.
  • Give plenty of notice – so everyone has time to prepare.
  • Give all the information – Cost, timeframe, dresscode, expectations, who is running it
  • Delegation – Make sure it is not just the Queen running it. Form an event planning committee and set tasks for everyone to help organise and run the event.
  • Use your members expertise. If you have members who are creative, set them to work on decorating. If you have members who are good at talking to people they can look after bookings and so on.
  • Pacing – not all Hatters can cope with a lot of activity or a long event. You may need to schedule a rest time between morning and evening events
  • Give yourself plenty of time to organise it
  • Consider the Public Liability Insurance issue, and if necessary choose venues that have their own insurance cover.
  • Borrow decorations from other Chapters, members or even your local theatre group or school to avoid buying them.
  • Themed events can be fun, but be mindful of how easily members may be able to find/make outfits to go with the theme. Try to pick an easy theme and perhaps offer some suggestions to get the creative juices flowing.
  • If making “showbags” or goodie bags for the attendees, make sure you plan this in advance so you can grab some bargains to keep your costs low. Make sure you check $2 shops, art supply shops and online stores like ebay for cheap supplies.

Active Games

Games suitable for RHS events where the ladies are up and moving.


Famous Couples
A great ice breaker and way for ladies to get to know each other. Have the names of famous couples on separate pieces of paper. Put these into a hat and each person draws one piece of paper. They then have to find who their partner is and get to know them. Examples:

  • Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
  • Prince William & Kate Middleton
  • Kermit & Miss Piggy
  • Barbie & Ken
  • Superman & Lois Lane
  • Mickey & Minnie Mouse
  • John Lennon & Yoko Ono
  • David Beckham & Victoria Beckham
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • Cleopatra & Mark Antony
  • Lancelot & Guinevere
  • Fred Flintstone & Wilma Flintstone


Musical Bag O’ Clothes
Take a large bag (that is not transparent enough to see what’s inside) and fill it with an assortment of odd/unusual types of clothing articles. Items such as bras, swimsuits, girdles, baggy pants, men’s trousers, wigs, hats, etc…. Have the ladies sit in a circle so it’s easy for them to pass the bag around to each other. They pass the bag around in one direction, to music. When the music stops, whoever is holding the bag has to reach in without looking and pull out an item. Whatever they pull out, they have to put on and wear. Continue until you run out of items, then vote on who is wearing the wackiest outfit. You can give a prize.RedPurpleSwirlBar-2

Pantyhose Golf/Bowling
Place a tennis ball in one leg of the pantyhose. You can then have the pantyhose tied around the waist by the empty leg, or wear them on your head (cut off or tuck in the remaining leg). Arms must be held behind your back. For “golf” the ladies need to use the swinging pantyhose to tap a pingpong ball across to the other side of the room. For “Bowling” they need to knock over a series of small water-filled water bottles. The winner is the first one to achieve the goal. Can be run in teams of 2 at a time.


Feather Blowing Game
Give each Hatter a feather. When you say, “GO!” the ladies have to start blowing the feather in the air. Whoever can keep the feather in the air the longest (using only her breath) is the winner. This game can also be played in teams (the team to keep the feather in the air longest using only breath wins)

RedPurpleSwirlBar-2Lucky Seat
A good idea for a lucky door prize (if you don’t have allocated seating) – tape a red ribbon under one seat before anyone arrives. When you want to draw the winner, have everyone stand up and look under their seat.


The Chocolate Game
Have everyone sit around in a circle. A, unwrapped block of chocolate with a knife and fork should be in the centre, along with a hat, scarf and gloves. Everyone takes turns to roll a dice, when someone rolls a 6 they can go into the centre and put on the clothing then use the knife and fork to cut squares of chocolate. They can only eat the chocolate if it has been cut while wearing all the clothing items. While they are dressing and cutting, everyone continues to keep rolling. When someone else rolls a 6, they go into the centre and the first person must take the hat/scarf/gloves off and go back to their place.


Musical Hat
Everyone sits in a circle. A Red hat containing 3 small envelopes (each with a note inside) is passed around to music. When the music stops, the person holding the hat must stand up, choose an envelope and read out the activity shown on the paper and act it out. This may be something like doing the “I’m a little teapot” song etc. (You could play this with more than 3 envelopes).


Unwrap the Parcel
A bit like the chocolate game mixed with pass the parcel. Wrap a small item in layers of wrapping paper, as you would for pass the parcel. Have this in the centre of a circle, along with a pair of oven mitts, a hat and a scarf. Players take turns to roll the dice. When a player rolls a 6 they can go into the centre, put on the clothing items and start unwrapping the layers until someone else rolls a 6 and replaces them. Whoever unwraps the last layer to reveal the prize gets to keep the item.

Pen & Paper Games

Games suitable for RHS events where the ladies are seated (eg at a restaurant), and will need to have pens and paper.


Red Hat Dice Game
You will need one dice, as well as a pen and paper for each lady. Each lady will roll the dice and draw the body part that corresponds with that number. A fun way to play is so that they can draw any part in any order!   If a part has already been drawn, they can’t do anything that turn and must wait for their next turn.

Roll a 1 – draw a hat with decorations
Roll a 2 – draw the head
Roll a 3 – draw the face & hair
Roll a 4 – draw the upper torso & blouse
Roll a 5 – draw a skirt
Roll a 6 – draw legs/feet/shoesRedPurpleSwirlBar-2

Replace Your Darling Husband

Hand everyone a piece of paper and ask them to write down an appliance they wish they could replace and 5 reasons why they want to replace that item. (Such as refrigerator, car, television, vacuum, etc.) When they’ve finished that, tell them to replace the name of the appliance with the name of their husband and read the whole thing aloud.



If The Hat Fits
Everyone has to list all the expressions/phrases they can think of that contain the word “HAT”. Prize awarded to the person who can think of the most. Some examples:

HAT in hand, Toss your HAT into the ring, A tip of the HAT, HATS off to you, Watch me pull a  rabbit out of my HAT, Mad as a HATTER, Wear many HATS, Ugly as a HAT full of a-holes, I’ll eat my HAT, Keep it under your HAT, Does the Pope wear a funny HAT?, At the drop of a HAT, HAT in hand, Here’s your HAT, what’s your hurry?, Pass the HAT, Cat in the Hat, Home is where you hang your HAT, HAT trick, Talking through your HAT, His head’s too big for his HAT


Guessing Jars

Have about 10 small jars (baby food jars or other similar size) with different kitchen items in each (no duplicates). Things like sugar, poppy seeds, cocoa, cinnamon, salt, instant coffee, etc. Number each jar. Give each person playing a sheet of paper numbered to write their guesses of what each one is. You cannot open the jar to smell, feel or taste. After tallying correct names, a prize is awarded to the person who correctly guessed the most.RedPurpleSwirlBar-2

Name That Baby
Each lady brings a photo of themselves as a baby. Each photo then gets numbered and placed somewhere where everyone can see them. Keep a list of the numbers and corresponding names hidden away. Everyone then guesses who the photos are. Give a prize to the one who can identify the most pictures.RedPurpleSwirlBar-2

Drawn Together
Everyone is given a piece of paper and either a small pack of pencils/crayons each, or have a container of them on the table for everyone to use. The ladies are all told to look at each other, to remember what they look like – what clothing they are wearing and what accessories etc. (so that they aren’t caught looking at their person later). Each lady then picks a name at random from the hat – this is who they will draw on their piece of paper.

After everyone has finished their drawings, the drawings are held up for everyone to see, one by one.  The ladies have to call out if they think the drawing is of them. If a lady guesses correctly that the picture is of them, they get a prize. If they are also able to guess who drew the picture, that person also gets a prize. A prize can be awarded to the person who gets the most correct guesses.


Name that cake
Everyone has a piece of paper, and writes their answer to which cake these cryptic clues could be referring to.

  • Found on the ocean floor (Sponge)
  • It’s a small boy’s game (Marble)
  • A heavenly body (Angel Food)
  • What you might call a little imp (Devil’s food)
  • Make the bottom the top (Upside Down)
  • A mouse would like this (Cheese)
  • Think diamonds (Carrot)
  • A breakfast drink cake (Coffee)
  • A kitchen measure (Pound)
  • This is not tall (Shortcake)
  • This one is made of fabric (Chiffon)
  • This is an annual event (Birthday)
  • Little girls are made of this (Sugar/spice)
  • Monkey would like this one (Banana)
  • A calendar supplies this one (Date)

RedPurpleSwirlBar-2Name that Pie
Everyone has a piece of paper, and writes their answer to which pie these could be.

  • Cinderella (Pumpkin)
  • Greedy (Pork)
  • Palm tree (Date)
  • Little Bo Peep (Lamb)
  • Flowing river (Currant)
  • Sour face (Lemon/Lime)
  • Monkey’s (Banana)
  • Uncle scrooge (Duck)
  • Little Jack Horner (Plum)
  • Up river (Salmon)
  • Material (Chiffon)
  • Adam & Eve (Apple)
  • Children’s (Mud)
  • Irish (Potato)
  • Hawaiian (Pineapple/Coconut)
  • Tom sawyer’s (Huckleberry)
  • Complexion (Peach)
  • Red nose (Deer)
  • Pie in the sky (Pigeon)
  • Coward (Custard)
  • Shortcake’s (Strawberry)
  • Dried grape (Sultana)
  • Underwater (Seafood)


Guess the contents
Fill up a number of small cloth bags with a 4 different small items in each. The bags are sealed so nobody can peek inside. Pass bags around and everyone has to write down what they guess the contents to be. You can either use multiple bags with the same contents (so the ladies don’t have to wait as long for their turn), or have multiple bags with different contents and write a number on each bag (so the ladies write what they think is in each bag)


Word Scrabble
Have a number of letters from a scrabble set (or make up large cardboard squares with different letters that the ladies can easily read). Each participant then has to write down as many words as they form, out of the letters within a certain time. Winner is the one with the most words. A short version can be “winner with most words starting with….”


Give each player a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil. Each player in turn, calls out a letter of the alphabet at random, and all players write down the letters as they are called out. A list of about 15 letters should be formed in this way. The players then have five minutes in which to compose a telegram, the words of which must begin with the listed letters in the order they were given.

For Example: If the letters were H, A, I, I, B, B, A, U, T, L, D, H, S, A, O, C – one player might write: Have Arrived In Boston But Am Unable To Locate Deckchairs Hence Send All Over ……..Cynthia

Whereas another player might write: Hurry And Immediately Bring Back All Unused Tea Leaves ..stop.. Daddy Hates Sipping Ale Or Cola

When the 5 minutes are up each player reads his telegram, and the winner is the player whose telegram is judged to be the most sensible, the cleverest, the wittiest, the silliest, etc


Pass the paper / continue the story
Someone (perhaps the Queen) starts writing a story, by writing one word or one line of the story on a piece of paper. The paper is folded so that people cannot read the previous lines that have been written, so nobody will know what the story is about until it is read out. The paper is then passed to the next person, who adds their word/line and so on until everyone has had a turn. It can continue around again or the story be read out then when the last question has been answered, the story is read out.

The lines they write could be:

  • An adjective describing a person’s appearance or character
  • The name of a woman
  • The word “met” and an adjective describing another person’s appearance and character
  • The name of a man
  • The word “at” and the place the woman met the man
  • The circumstance under which they met
  • The word “in” and when the met
  • The words, ”He said to her…”, together with whatever he said
  • The words “And she replied…”, together with whatever she said
  • What he did then
  • What she did then
  • The words, “And the consequence was….” With detail of the consequence
  • The words, “And the moral of the story is…..”


Have a collection of questions, such as tv shows, music and fashion from the 60s. Read out the questions and have each lady write her answers. When the questions are finished, the ladies swap their papers and the scores are tallied up (swapping the papers for scoring ensures no cheating!)

What If
Pass out two pieces of paper to each lady present. On one piece of paper, they each write a question that starts with the words “What if ….? (eg: “What if ….a Red Hatter lost her hat?”)

The ladies pass this paper to the person on their LEFT. On the second piece of paper, they answer the question they just received. Then they pass that answer back to the person they received it from. Have the lady on your RIGHT read her question. The lady sitting to her RIGHT reads her answer. She then reads her question and the person sitting to her RIGHT reads her answer. This continues around the room until everyone has read both a question and an answer.

Seated Games

Games suitable for RHS events where the ladies are seated (eg at a restaurant), and don’t need pens and paper for writing.


The Name Game
Have stickers with various famous people’s names on them. As everyone arrives to the event, place a sticker on their back, and they need to ask questions (that can only be answered “yes” or “no”) to guess which famous person they have on their sticker. Once they have guessed they can remove the sticker. You could give a prize to the first person to correctly guess who they are, or give a small prize to everyone when they correctly guess.RedPurpleSwirlBar-2

Handbag Scavenger Hunt
Place some scrabble tiles (or pieces of paper with each letter of the alphabet written on them) in a bowl or bag (1 of each letter). The ladies gathered around have their handbag with them. When you call out a letter chosen from the bowl, the ladies search their handbags to find something starting with that letter. Eg “L” might be lipstick, “P” might be a pen… The winner is the person with the most found items.RedPurpleSwirlBar-2

My Life in a Bag
Everyone brings a bag that contains little mementos or trinkets from their life. Everyone takes turns to show these items around and explain their significance in that person’s life. For example they could be photos, trophies, awards, ticket stubs…. anything!


This and That Game
Players sit in a circle. First player asks something that is “This” or “That”, The next player answers and asks the next player “This” or “That”. Continue playing until everyone has a turn, or keep going just to see how silly it can get.

Player 1 “Meat or Vegetables”
Player 2 “Meat” – “Cotton or Flannel”
Player 3 “Flannel” – “Soft Cheese or Hard Cheese”
Player 4 “Soft” – “Popcorn or Crackers”
Player 5 “Popcorn” …. and so on and so on……RedPurpleSwirlBar-2

Kiss The Teddy
A Teddy bear is passed around and everyone takes turns to kiss it somewhere. Once it has been passed around to everyone, they are told they must now kiss the person next to them in the same place they kissed the teddy!


Sales Pitch
Blindfold one lady and tell her that she must try to sell a mystery object. If she is convincing enough, she wins a prize. The object is placed in front of her, but she cannot touch it or see it. Everyone else can see what it is – and it’s a roll of toilet paper! She has to answer questions about the product she is selling.


The M&M game
Pass a bag of M&Ms (or other lollies) and tell the ladies they may take some, but not to eat them yet. Have plenty available. Once everyone has taken their share, announce that they must tell everyone one fact about themselves for each M&M they have taken!

Name a Song
Someone starts by choosing any word they want, and the other players have to pick a song that has that word in it. Whoever gets it first, then it’s their turn to  choose a word.   If the group never heard the song before, they will ask you “I challenge you”, and that person has to sing a piece of the song. (Just so that everyone knows the person isn’t making it up!)

Indemnity Waivers

Please note the following information is NOT legal advice and is here to give you a very basic understanding of indemnity waivers as they relate to Red Hatting. If you have any questions please see a professional Lawyer.

In layman’s terms, an Indemnity waiver as it would be used for a Red Hatting event is where you sign a document to say that you agree to accept all the risks involved in partaking in the activity, and agree not to hold the organisers responsible for any injury/harm caused to you, or by you, as a result in your participation.

Having attendees sign an indemnity waiver when booking for an event, and having members sign one when joining your chapter may offer some protection, however it may not be a substitute for Public Liability Insurance. Liability waivers are not always considered to be legally binding, particularly if the terms are considered unreasonable and if if the host has been grossly negligent. However if someone does injure themselves because of something that was of their own doing, then a waiver may help you establish that they were aware that there may be some risks involved with their attendance at the event.

You may also like to include a photographic release as well, which clarifies that there will be photographs and/or video taken at the event, which you may use this for publication online etc.

Searching online for an Indemnity Waiver will give you a lot of example waivers you could use to draft a waiver that works for your specific situation. Some general waivers that  have been used by Chapters are offered below as an example. Please note these are examples and are not guaranteed to be legally binding. You should talk to a lawyer to obtain further advice.

Indemnity Waiver Example #1

By signing this Waiver, I fully assume the dangers and risks in participating in this activity ({name of activity}) and agree to use my best judgment while engaging in these activities. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the organisers ({Queen’s Legal name and Chapter name}) from and against any and all liability incurred as a result of or in any manner related to my participation in the activities.

Indemnity Waiver Example #2

By filling in this registration form for the {name of event} , I hereby agree to waive any liability to {Queen’s Legal Name} or any member of her chapter for any personal loss or injury that may result from any activity during the event, including but not limited to, traveling to and from the event.

Indemnity Waiver Example #3

I, ________ (Participant’s Name) Understand, acknowledge and accept that:
I knowingly and freely assume all risk, both known and unknown, even if arising from the negligence of the hosts or any of their individual members of participants or others, and I voluntarily participate at my own risk and assume sole responsibility for any injury, death or property damage I may suffer that arises from my participating in any of the activities.

Indemnity Waiver Example #4

The event {Name of Event} to be held in {Location} on {Date} is being hosted by {Chapter name and location} . This chapter is not incorporated and has no rules or by-laws. In consideration of being permitted to participate in the event and its associated activities.

I, ______________ (Name of Participant)
Understand, acknowledge and accept that:
I knowingly and freely assume all risk, both known and unknown, even if arising from the negligence of the Hosts or any of their individual members or participants or others and I voluntarily participate at my own risk and assume sole responsibility for any injury death or property damage I may suffer that arises from my participating in any of the activities.

I understand and acknowledge the dangers associated with the consumption of alcohol or any mind altering substance before and during any of the activities and I take full responsibility for any injury, loss or damage associated with any consumption and I take sole responsibility for my actions.

I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, assigns, personal representatives and next of kin, hereby release and hold harmless and agree not to sue the hosts, or any of their individual members, volunteers, agents and sponsors (all of whom are referred to as releasees) with respect to any and all injury, disability, death, loss or damage to person or property, whether caused by the negligence of the releasees or otherwise.

I have had sufficient opportunity to read this release of liability and assumption of risk agreement, I fully understand its terms and understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it, and sign it freely and voluntarily without inducement of any kind.

I understand that my signature to this document constitutes a complete and unconditional release of all liability of the releasees to the greatest extent allowed by law in the event of me suffering injury or death or property damage.

SIGNATURE ________________________________ DATE __________


Photography Release Example

I hereby consent to and authorize the use and reproduction of any and all photography
and/or videography that has been taken of me this day for any purpose, without compensation to me.

Regional Red Hat Picnic 2016

On Sunday 20th March 2016 the sun was shining and the day was perfect for a picnic.

About 50 Red Hatters from all over Victoria converged on the lawns at the rear of Riverside Gardens Nursery at Emerald Bank, Kialla, near Shepparton.

Princess Petal (scarecrow) welcomed all with a lovely smile and blink of the lashes. Before too long there was much joy and laughter from those present as they rekindled old friendships and made new ones.

Some purchased hampers from a nearby eatery, The Provender, which contained more food than they could handle while others shared their picnic lunch.

There was a lot of shopping carried out with the Red Hat merchandise present and the specialty shops that are at Emerald Bank including a patchwork shop with Red Hat fabric that was quickly snapped up.

With the sale of raffle tickets, photos with Princess Petal and sale of pre loved goods we were able to donate $165.50 to The Good Friday Hospital Appeal on behalf of The Red Hat Society of Victoria.

Picnic RED Hat03

Chapter Insurance

Please note the following information is NOT legal advice and is here to give you a very basic understanding of the issue of Public Liability Insurance as it relates to Red Hatting. If you have any questions about insurance or insurance products please see a professional (Lawyer, financial adviser, insurance agent etc.)

What is Public Liability Insurance? | Am I already Covered by Insurance? | Indemnity Waivers | Avoiding Incidents | PLI through ARHGA

What is Public Liability Insurance?
While we don’t like to think about it, accidents can happen and if there has been a significant
personal injury that results in a claim for compensation, you may need to have insurance
cover for “Public Liability”.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) usually covers things such as injury/harm to your chapter
members while on an outing (eg falling over and hurting themselves) as well as
damage/harm your chapter members may do to another person or property while at an outing
(eg bumping into a table and breaking a priceless vase on it).  PLI comes into play if something happens that requires a financial settlement, where your insurer will pay it, rather than it coming from you.

While your members may feel they are friendly enough not to want to sue anyone, their
insurance company may be the one trying to sue – so simply being friends may not be
enough to cover you.  However it is worth noting that just because an accident happens it doesn’t necessarily mean you could be liable – You need to have been negligent in some form to have contributed to the incident – and you may already have PLI coverage depending on where you hold your outing/event and what insurance already applies to that location.  So you may not need to take out additional coverage.

So the question isn’t really a case of “is PLI insurance necessary?“… because ultimately the answer is yes.  It’s more “what coverage will I already have, and do I need to take out my own PLI coverage“.  Which depends entirely on your chapter’s outings.

Depending on the situation and your location, the person involved/injured in the incident may be liable to pay damages/medical bills if they were at fault. However if it can be proven that the incident was as a result of a negligent act by you as the host (or the member whose home you are at), then you or the homeowner may be required to pay the financial costs. This is were the public liability insurance comes in – If your chapter is covered by PLI, then your insurance policy may pay instead of you.

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Am I already covered by insurance?
Quite possibly any Hatting events you host may already have PLI coverage depending on the venue you host them at.  So if you don’t want to obtain your own PLI, then make sure any location you host events at will cover you in case of incidents.  You may decide to take out your own PLI coverage to further protect you, just in case.

Public Venues – If you have your outings in a place such as a restaurant/cafe/cinema, and the incident happens inside that venue – then their PLI should cover it, as you were paying customers of that establishment and they will have insurance to cover their customers.  Especially if the incident involved their property (eg slippery steps).

Parks – While individuals getting injured in public parks would be covered by the Government, event gatherings in public parks (so any pre-arranged meetup of people) generally does require you to have your own public liability insurance, and some parks also require a permit to gather a group of people there for events – so check the council requirements for any park you wish to use.

Personal Homes – If the incident happens while you are meeting up at another members home, then it depends on what coverage (if any) their homeowner’s insurance policy covers. Most (if not all) home and contents insurance policies have coverage for non-family members who are visiting your home.   If doing home-based gatherings it is best to check the insurance coverage of the property so you know if you are covered or not, and if it’s high enough to cover any cases where multiple people might be injured (eg a balcony collapse)

Carpooling – While convenient, carpooling can cause additional problems with regard to liability if there was a car accident.  Generally it seems that additional carpooling passengers are covered by the vehicle’s insurance policy so long as the passengers are not paying for the ride (so “chipping in for petrol money” could be considered paying a fare).  Those offering to drive other members should be fully insured and check their insurance policy covers carpooling.  Some insurers (eg NRMA) seem to view “petrol money” as ok as it’s not generating a profit (you’re reimbursing costs rather than paying a fare to travel), but others (eg APIA) may consider any payment to invalidate their policy.  So it is important to check what coverage the insurer offers and any exclusions.

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Indemnity Waivers
It is common for Hatting events or chapter membership agreements to include indemnity waivers, in the belief that doing so will mean the event host or Queen will then not be liable for any injury/damage that happens at an outing/event.  But this is not necessarily the case.  They can however be useful to help reduce the risk of liability in some cases, as generally it must be shown that the host was negligent in some way that caused or contributed to the incident, and waivers can be used to clarify any potential dangers that show that the host has made participants aware of the risks.

If the waiver specifically mentions the participant agrees to waive liability in case of negligence of the host (using the term “negligence”), then this could be a legally binding waiver, however if the court declares the waiver to be unclear or too vague then any waiver can be deemed unenforceable.

If you wish to draft an indemnity waiver, it is best to seek proper legal advice on the correct wording to use for your event.

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Avoiding incidents
To assist you in preventing potential incidents, you should make sure that any
environment you hold events in are as safe as possible, with any potential hazards clearly
explained/marked/removed.  Especially when holding events in private homes.  Remembering also that while we mostly think of injuries to people (eg someone falling over and hurting themselves), hosts can also be liable to damage to a guest’s property (eg their dog chews the guests handbag), and what damage a guest does to someone elses property (eg someone trips over a rug and spills red wine on someone’s white silk dress).

For example:

  • Any potential tripping hazards should be removed/taped down (power cords, edges of rugs etc.).  Gathering spaces should be clear of obstacles that could be a hazard.  Be aware of how any extra decorations could potentially cause hazards (eg don’t hang streamers at neck level)
  • Proper food handling procedures, and care taken with cross-contamination, food spoilage and refrigeration.  While having home-based events with people “bringing a plate” is a cheap and easy way to host, it does bring with it extra risks with food handling/storage.
  • First aid and emergency contact information readily accessible in case it is needed.  (One good idea is to have all members write their emergency contact information on the back of their name-badges)
  • If you have pets who may become aggressive when stressed, lock them away from guests.
  • As a Queen make sure any decisions you make regarding hosts/venues/activities are done keeping safety in mind and minimising potential risks (eg if a member’s home is known to have rickety stairs, perhaps don’t hold gatherings there)
  • When carpooling select drivers who have full insurance coverage on their vehicles, whose vehicles are in safe condition and who are known to be careful drivers.

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Public Liability Insurance through ARHGA Inc.
Red Hatter groups around Australia are offered a PLI policy through becoming a member of
“ARHGA Inc.” (Association Red Hatted Groups Australia), with a pricing of around $85 per year (Rates may change each year). Which is likely to be far cheaper than you are able to get yourself.  If you do need to make a claim, ARHGA also say they will pay the excess – so you should not be out of pocket at all.

To obtain insurance through them you will need to become a member of their Association and fill out their PLI application form. This must be done/renewed before the 1st of June each year. If you miss the deadline you must wait until next year.

Information can be found here:

As with any insurance policy it is not as simple as just signing a form and handing over the money – you need to make sure that you know what you are covered for and what exclusions (if any) there are, have given them the correct information for your coverage and that you comply with any requirements they have. Otherwise you may find out that your insurance policy is invalid and you may not be covered if something happens and you need it.  We all know how insurance companies like to find ways to limit what they pay out.

While obtaining insurance through ARHGA could be a very good idea, there are some points to consider:

  • Obtaining your policy through ARHGA means you/your chapter will become a member of ARHGA and are getting coverage due to being part of their association – you aren’t buying your insurance from ARHGA, you’re obtaining it by being covered by their PLI insurance.  This means that as an ARHGA member, you agree to abide by any rules and requirements of their organisation – if any.  (Which are not disclosed anywhere, or not easily accessible)
  • As with insurance obtained from any company, You should read the Product Disclosure Statement for the insurer to make sure you know exactly what coverage you have and all the terms and conditions.  As there is no Product Disclosure Statement provided on the website, you may need to contact them directly to ask for this information. In particular you should find out:
    • What amount you are insured for
    • What exactly you are covered for
    • Is it written in any contract you have with ARHGA that they will pay the excess
    • What exclusions there are for your cover (eg any activities not covered)
  • On your initial application to ARHGA, you need to fill out a form that states how many members your chapter has, how many outings per year you do and other such information.  It is unclear whether changes to this information (eg chapter numbers increasing) would affect any insurance coverage you have, as it does not appear that yearly renewal calls for updates to this information.  As all chapters pay the same fee regardless of the number of events or members, this information is likely just for ARHGA records and not directly connected to your insurance coverage.


—  Note, some of these issues have been conveyed to ARHGA representatives, so these issues may be or may have already been addressed.

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Queen’s Coronation Ceremony


The Coronation ceremony for a Queen can be whatever you want it to be.  If a chapter starts off small, the Coronation can be done after the chapter has grown.  Perhaps done on the 1st anniversary of the chapter or other such special occasion.  The Coronation can be combined with the “Red Sash Ceremony” as well.

The following are some ideas for Coronation Ceremonies collected from various sources.

Elements that may be used in a Coronation:

  • Procession – much like a wedding ceremony, you could have someone sprinkle rose petals, red & purple confetti or glitter, someone holding a cushion with the crown on top etc.  The chapter members may be part of the procession (Either walking before or after their Queen) taking their places on either side of the throne or in a circle for the rest of the ceremony.
  • The Queen may be dressed with a royal cape
  • The Queen shall sit upon a “Throne” – Which can be a special throne or a chair decorated with purple/red fabrics.
  • Crown – this is often brought out on a cushion then placed on the Queen’s head as part of the ceremony to make it official.
  • Scepter – a jeweled stick or other such item, used as a symbol of the Queen as well as being used to tap the member on each shoulder during a naming/red sash ceremony.
  • Gifting the Queen a “Red Hat Survival Kit“.
  • Chapter members can form a circle by holding feather boas


Coronation Ceremonies

Example #1

(The “Lady of the Garter” /Vice Queen says: )
I would like to welcome everyone to the Coronation of our beloved Queen ……<Queen Name>….

Do you hereby swear on your honour, to rule in a kind and benevolent fashion?
(Queen answers: I Do/I Will)

Do you promise not to hold long and boring business meetings?
(Queen answers: I Do/I Will)

Will you endeavour not to bring in educational speakers that are boring and just plain dull?
(Queen answers: I Do/I Will)

Will you always rule with silliness?
(Queen answers: I Do/I Will)

Do you promise to promote fun, laughter, and comic relief when needed?
(Queen answers: I Do/I Will)

Will you follow and lead in the tenants from the poem “Warning” and make up for the sobriety of your youth?
(Queen answers: I Do/I Will)

Will you “pick the flowers in other people’s gardens and learn to spit”?
(Queen answers: I Do/I Will)

(The Vice Queen says:)

Upon hearing your acceptance of all vows, and on behalf of the ……<Chapter Name>…… Pink and Red Hatters, I officially declare you Queen ….<Queen Name>……  of the …<Chapter Name>…… and I would like to adorn you with your Coronation robe, crown and scepter.

May you wear your robe with regality, hold your head high, with pride in your ruby crown, and make wise declarations with your sassy scepter.  May you rule with dignity and honour!  Long live the Queen!

(All say) Long live the Queen!!! 

(Everyone should cheer and play their kazoos to celebrate their new Queen)


Example Oath #1:

I ….<Queen Name>…… do lightheartedly swear on my Red Hat that I will do my best to uphold the Spirit of Red hatting.    

I promise to have no meetings as they conjure up images of agendas, motions, and committees.  INSTEAD; 

I will invite you lovely Ladies to teas; get togethers, grand events, and fun outings.

I will gussy up as your Reigning Sovereign, setting an example that COMMANDS NOTICE and RESPECT, dispelling the notion that women our age are OLD or inclined to DISAPPEAR. If life is a stage then we will not hide in the wings.  We will be front and center kicking up our RED and PURPLE HEELS!

As a Red Hatter I promise to wear Full Purple Regalia found in thrift shops, rummage sales and bargain racks.  It is the thrill of the hunt that intrigues me.

And I promise to encourage the ladies to dig out their gloves and get them on. 

I promise to set an example for the Red Hat Sisters that aging is a matter of the mind and since they don’t mind it DOESN’T MATTER.

I promise to guide THE LADIES-IN-WAITING (Pink Hats) in the ways of Glam, Giggles, and Sisterhood.

I promise to discreetly let a Red Hatter know when something sags, bags, or droops, unless there is nothing she can do about it.  Then Ignorance is Bliss.

I promise that together we will take our silliness seriously and take our seriousness out for a laugh.

And I promise to learn to spit and sit on the pavement.  Surely someone will come by and help me up again.


Example Oath #2:

“I, ….<Queen Name>…… do solemnly swear that I, having ascended to the lofty status of Queen, will gracefully and regally fulfill the duties of the office, including, but not limited to, the following:
I will reign over my chapterettes with a kind, benevolent spirit, valuing each member for who she is.
I will promote harmony and understanding among our world-wide sisterhood.
I will wear my colors and regalia proudly.
I will wield my scepter and make grand pronouncements whenever the mood strikes.
I will honor the spirit of the little girl who lives inside myself and those of my Red Hat sisters as well.
I will promote the core values of the Red Hat Society – fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment and fitness – where ever, whenever I can.
I will never call a ‘meeting’, make a  ‘motion’, or possess a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order. I will refuse to take myself – or anything else within my power – too seriously.
I will do myself and the Red Hat Society PROUD!


Example Oath #3:

I will greet middle age with the following mantra: Fun is more fun – after fifty.
I will always remember that silliness is the comedy relief of life.
I will wear the royal colours of red and purple and whatever else suites me at the time, with pride to every Red Hat Function.
I will spread the word to all that will listen: Everything is funny as long as it happens to someone else.
I will live the philosophy that women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to it!
I will loudly deny that a woman my age is OLD, recanting that Forty is the old age of youth, but fifty is the youth of old age!
I will welcome all visitors and friends causing happiness wherever I go, not whenever I go.
I will learn that life can only be understood backwards, even though it must be lived forwards.
I will do my best to solve the human equation by adding love, subtracting hate, multiplying good and dividing between truth and error.
I will always consider the postage stamp while I am Queen. It secures success through its ability to stick to one thing until it gets there.
I promise not to take life too seriously, knowing that I’ll never get out of it alive.
I will realize that everyone is gifted; some just open the package sooner.
I promise that confusion will not only reign in this disorganization, it will pour!!!



Coronation Videos

Red Hatter Survival Kit

This is a lovely thing to give to a newly crowned Queen, a REDuated hatter or a new member.

This can be a box or bag filled with certain items that have special meaning.  You may like to include a list of what the items mean so the recipient knows the significance of the items.

You can choose to use only certain items from the list (and the meanings) that you feel most appropriate.  Some people give different meanings to some items, so I have included both meanings where I’ve seen more than one.


Red Hatter Survival Kit

    • Address Book ~ Your Red Hat Sister’s are always here for you!
    • Aspirin/Panadol ~ when all else fails – take two & call a Red Hat Sister!
    • Ball –  to remind you that life is a ball
    • Band-Aid ~ to fix your hurt feelings
    • Breath-mints ~ to remind you to “just breathe” | a reminder that you are worth a mint
    • Button ~ To remind you that sometimes you need to “button your lips”
    • Candle ~ when you feel in the dark to remind you to let your inner light shine so that others can see the fun in being 50+.
    • Chocolate ~ to remind you of the sweetness of family & friends | To remind you that life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get
    • Cotton Balls ~ for those times when you can’t hear yourself think
    • Do Not Disturb Sign ~ to remind you that you need time to yourself
    • Ear-Plugs ~ to remind you sometimes it’s important just to listen
    • Eraser ~ to remind you that everyone makes mistakes
    • Fly swatter –  to slap yourself silly, if you ever get too serious
    • Glitter  ~ to add sparkle to your life & spread some on…
    • Kazoo ~ don’t forget to toot your own horn
    • Lifesavers ~ to save you from “one of those days”
    • Lollipop ~ to remind you that you can lick all your problems
    • Marbles ~ to replace the ones that you have lost & will lose
    • Mirror ~ to remind you that you are very important too
    • Nuts ~ to remind you to be a little nutty & laugh
    • Paper-Clips ~ to remind you that you are an important link in others lives
    • Peg – a reminder to “hang in there”
    • Pen & Pad ~ to write down your thoughts before you forget them
    • Penny ~ for your thoughts
    • Purple bucket ~ just in case your hysterical laughter gets the best of you! (Please go behind bushes.)
    • Pretzels ~ hugs from your Red Hat Sisters
    • Roses ~ to remind you to smell the flowers along life’s way
    • Red Glitter ~ To wish you Scarlet Sparkles!
    • Red & Purple Feathers ~ to remind you that you can fly! | Something to “tickle your fancy”
    • Red/Purple beads ~ To remind you to always dress up
    • Red wax lips ~ to release your inner child
    • Ribbon ~ a reminder that friendship ties hearts together
    • Rubber-band ~ to remind you to be flexible, and stretch yourself beyond your limits
    • Sampler of chocolate –  to remind you that life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get, but knowing each other makes our lives sweeter.
    • Smarties ~ To remind you that you get smarter with age
    • Snack cake ~ to remember to indulge in the pleasures of life
    • Starburst ~ to give you a burst of energy
    • Sticker – a reminder to stick together and help each other
    • String ~  to tie things together when everything falls apart | to tie up loose ends | For tying your memories together
    • Sunflower seeds  ~ so you can spit just because you feel like it
    • Teabag ~ A reminder to sit back and relax from time to time
    • Teddybear ~ So you’ll never be lost in the wilderness
    • Toothpicks ~ to remind you to pick out the good in all situations

Promotional Cards

These print out a bit longer than a business card (can be folded in half to fit into a business card holder) and are designed to give a brief explanation about Hatting, for times where we’re out and about and someone asks what we are.

~ Download Cards ~

Prints 6 to a page

Tasmanian Cruise 2016

25 Hatters from Australia and New Zealand cruised from Melbourne to Tasmania aboard the magnificent Golden Princess Cruise ship.  Enjoying 6 days of fun and laughter!  Scenic cruising around Wineglass Bay, stopping in Port Arthur and Hobart (where we had a delightful lunch with the Hobart Hatters) before traveling back to the mainland with a stop at Phillip Island.


Continue reading “Tasmanian Cruise 2016”

Luggage Tags

Mark your luggage in Red Hatter style with these printable Red (and Pink) Hatter luggage tags!



Continue reading “Luggage Tags”

Promotional Posters & Flyers


If you would like to print off some posters  to help explain Hatting to people, we have created some you can print at home.

~ Download Poster ~ 

Large Cards/Flyers

These print out a bit longer than a business card (can be folded in half to fit into a business card holder) and are designed to give a brief explanation about Hatting, for times where we’re out and about and someone asks what we are.

~ Download Cards ~

Prints 6 to a page

These are not official posters/flyers, so not produced by or endorsed by the RHS.

Red Hat Customs

The following are some common customs of the RHS

  • Bling – The more the merrier!  Any kind of shiny, sparkly accessory you can add is great.    Many Hatters like to collect brooches as well as wearing pearls and rhinestone jewellery.
  • “Dessert first” – We’re about having fun and not having to “act your age” – so why not have dessert first!
  • “Hoots” – A hoot is a get-together of Hatters.  Generally an informal and unstructured event, some people use the term for all gatherings and events.
  • Feathers & Feather Boas – Boas add some fun, but the feathers themselves represent the freedom to come out and play as well as being love (red) and hugs (purple).  If feathers fall off your boas, save them to give away as little gifts – they are “boa-seeds” or “baby boas”, and if nurtured they could grow into a full feather boa one day :)
  • Reversed Colours – The regular dresscode is a red hat with purple clothing (or a pink hat with lavender clothing).  However you can “reverse your colours” (wear a purple hat with red clothing), on your birth month and the birth month of the RHS (April)
  • Sashes & Stoles – A great way to display your brooches – which saves poking holes in your clothing and means you don’t have to move them from outfit to outfit.

How to Name Your Chapter

Red Hatter chapter names can be fun, quirky or simply descriptive.  Try to make sure there isn’t already a chapter in your state or country with the same name, to avoid confusion!

When thinking up a name, think of some terms you might like to use in the name.  Think about:

  • When you think about Red Hatters, what are the first words that pop into your mind?  Write those down and see if any of them might work in your Chapter name.
  • What would you like the group to be about?  If you’re wanting to convey a fun and sillyness to the group, then you can name the group with that in mind.  If you want a more sophisticated and regal sounding name, then think about that.
  • Any particular hobbies or things you like (for example if you like gardening, you might like to use “rose” or a flower name in the Chapter name)
  • Do you want to include the location?  Such as “The Red Hatters of <town>” (Works well if your town name starts with R or H)
  • You can use hat related (or other fitting) phrases too.  For example “Caught Red Hatted“, “If the Red Hat Fits”, “You can leave your Hat on” and so on.

Red Sash Ceremony

A sash is a great way to display your bling brooches without damaging your clothing (or needing to move them onto different outfits).  Having a “Red Sash Ceremony” is a lovely way to celebrate a member becoming part of your chapter.

(Image from

The sash is a piece of wide ribbon or satin fabric,  approx 1.5 metres long, worn over one shoulder and pinned/tied/sewn at the opposite hip. It can be plain or embellished with writing or bling brooches.

For the ceremony, you can call each member forth one at a time.  Have them kneel, sit on a chair or simply stand.  They should have chosen a Royal name for themselves prior to the ceremony.

The Queen (or other officiating person) can say something such as:

“With the power that is vested in me, as Queen of the ……. <your chapter> ……
and before all of these royal attendees, I now pronounce you ……<their royal name>…… “

A Scepter or sword is tapped on each shoulder, as the Queen speaks the member’s royal name.  Then the Queen can say something such as:

“and I hereby present you with The Order of the Red Sash”

As the sash is placed on them.  A commemorative pin can be added to this, to start them in their bling collection, or can be left plain.

Red Hatter Pass The Parcel

A great way to be able to do a “pass-the-parcel” without needing music.  Each layer has a little card attached that gives instructions on who the parcel should be passed to.


Download the printable file here


Millinery Tutorials & Supplies

Making your own hats, or decorating a plain hat can be a lot of fun!  Here are some videos and links to millinery supplies you might find helpful.

Simple “Ruched” sinamay fascinator

Sinamay fascinator with “birdcage” net

Cloche hat (sewn with fabric)

Mini Top hat (fabric covered, cardboard base)

Mini Top Hat (using a plastic cup)

Mini top hat (using a cardboard base)


Ebay Millinery Category

Millinery Online Store (Australian)

Millinery & Feather online store (Australian)

Is it Purple? Lavender? Violet? Lilac? Magenta? Eggplant? – it’s all confusing!

The dress code for the Society is that women over 50 wear “purple” and women under 50 wear “lavender”

But what is “purple”?  and where does “lavender” stop and “purple” begins….. is magenta a “purple” or is it pink?

If you look at photos of Hatter groups, you will see a vast array of different shades of purples, and different ways to wear the colours – and that is great!

Gadabouts_chapter2 Down_Under_Scarlett_Belles_1

(Also remember that during your birth month, and the birth month of the RHS [April] you can reverse your colours – so you would wear red clothing with a purple hat)


To help you out, here is an interpretation of colours that might be appropriate for Pink and Red Hatters.


(Remembering that different monitors/screens may display colours differently)

Basically if you are a Pink Hatter, choose the lighter shades of purple (lavender, lilac, mauve etc.), however you don’t need to go pale for the pink – you can go for hot pink and fuchsia tones.  If you are a Red Hatter, choose the darker and more vibrant purples and violets, and your “red” hats can be anything from a burgundy to a bright red.

The important thing to remember is that a Red Hatter should look like a “Red Hatter”, and a Pink Hatter should look like a “Pink Hatter”.  So if you think that you could be mistaken for a different age group, you may like to make sure you have enough correct colour clothing or accessories to make sure you look right.

Some Hatters are very strict with the colour difference between a “Lavender” and a “Purple”, and don’t like to see Pink Hatters wearing anything too dark.  Others feel that it’s ok for a Pinkie to wear something that could be considered “purple”, so long as they have an obviously pink hat and look like a Pink Hatter.  So while you are strongly encouraged to wear lighter purples as a Pink Hatter, if you must wear darker shades, try to incorporate some lavender accessories (a scarf or feather boa perhaps), and make sure your hat is definitely pink.

But most importantly – have fun with it!

Hatting on a Budget

This talk of having specific clothing and hats may seem a little daunting.  You probably don’t happen to have a red/pink hat just lying around, and you might want to get fancy but don’t have the budget to go out and buy everything straight away.

That’s ok – Go slowly and add to your collection of goodies as the budget permits.  Here’s some tips to some more cost effective ways to looking fabulous.

  • Check out op shops and second hand shops for cheap gear.  You may find hats, shoes and clothing in the appropriate RHS colours for a lot cheaper than you can buy it new.
  • Ask other Hatters if they have anything lying around they aren’t using – perhaps organise a swap at your next gathering, so people can get rid of things they no longer need, and others can grab some new things they do need.
  • If you find a hat in the wrong colour, you can try dying it (fabric hats) or using a florists spray to make it pink or red.  Regular spray paint can rub off, so that isn’t recommended, if you do try spray paint, don’t do the inside where it can rub off on your skin.
  • Dye clothing – Lavender clothing in particular seems to be difficult to find, so look for white clothing that you can dye lavender.  Just remember to use the right type of dye for the type of material you are wanting to dye – and remember that you may get unpredictable results with blends of polyester/cotton fabrics.  But it can be fun, and gives you a greater variety of clothing to wear.
  • Check ebay for cheap hats, fascinators as well as clothing and accessories.  There’s heaps of great stuff there!
  • Make a hat!  – see the Millinery tutorials page for some hat & fascinator tutorials.  Or if you don’t want to make it from scratch, take a plain hat and add some decorations.  A feather boa can instantly give a plain hat some pizzazz.  Tie a lightweight scarf around the base of the hat and clip on some hair flowers for a removable decoration you can transfer to other hats as needed.
  • Your hat doesn’t have to be solely red or pink – You can use a white or straw hat and add flowers and ribbons in the appropriate colours.


Remember that at a minimum you can wear “Red on the Head, Purple on the Shoulder”.  So that would be a purple/lavender scarf or shawl  around your shoulders with a red/pink hat while you are waiting to find for your full regalia.  You don’t need to be completely dressed in purple/lavender from head to toe either, a top/cardigan over another coloured jeans/skirt would suffice.  Although “dressing up to the nines” is fun!


Royal Name Ideas

It is customary for Hatters to take on a fanciful name to be known as while they are Hatting.  It’s a bit of fun and a chance to give yourself a Royal Title.  If you are having trouble coming up with your Red Hatting name, here are some suggestions.


Coming up with a name

A Red Hatting Royal Name generally has 2 parts – a royal title of some kind, and then a name that is usually somehow descriptive of the person or the position they hold in the chapter.   You can include your actual name, or it can be just a whimsical name that doesn’t include your actual name at all. You shouldn’t use the “Queen” or “Vice Queen” title unless you are the leader or co-leader of a chapter – as that is what those titles refer to.  Other royal titles are ok to use though.

So think about what sort of title you would like, and then what words would describe you, or what words you would like to have as your name.  Add them together and you get your Red Hatter name!

To give you an idea – I’ve made an online random Red Hatter name generator.  Click here to go to the generator page, click the “generate name” button and see what it comes up with!


Example Titles

Archbishopress, Babette, Baroness, Chairwoman, Consort, Contessa, Countess, Chatelaine, Crone, Czarina, Dame, Diva, Duchess,  Earless, Eminence, Empress, Enchantress, Fair Maiden, Goddess, Governess, Her Royal, Highness, High Priestess, Jester, Judgette, Lady, Madam, Madame, Magess, Majesty, Mamzelle, Marchioness, Majesty, Marquissa, Matriarch, Mayoress, Mistress, Peeress, Pinkie, President, Priestess, Prime Ministress, Princess, Purveyor, Ranee, Regent, Sultana, Sultaness, Tsarina,  Viscountess.


Example Names

(Some of these are actual Red Hatter names, some are suggestions)

  • Amethyst Princess
  • Baroness Bargain Hunter
  • Baroness Belle Chapeau
  • Baroness Bookworm
  • Baroness Bossy Boots
  • Baroness Bownty-Full
  • Baroness de Rouge
  • Baroness of Boobs
  • Baroness of Bulge
  • Baroness Von Blab A Lot
  • Baroness Von Krapponalott
  • Baroness Von Hooters
  • Bodacious Baroness
  • Billie-Lily-Ring-a-Dingy
  • Countess Court Jest-Her
  • Contessa Cabernet
  • Contessa Coffee Bean
  • Contessa d’Champers
  • Contessa of Cosmos
  • Contessa of Glitz
  • Contessa of Sparkle & Sass
  • Countess Champers
  • Countess of Cats
  • Countess of Cleavage
  • Countess of Creativity
  • Countess of Good Cheer
  • Countess of Libations
  • Countess of the Old Bat’s Mobile
  • Court Jester
  • Crone-in-Command
  • Crone Joan
  • Dame Depends
  • Dame of Hotsey Totsey
  • Dame of Whine and Roses
  • Delightful Diva of Red Feathers
  • Divine Diva of Disorder
  • Duchess Ding-a-Ling
  • Duchess Does Little
  • Duchess of Do Little
  • Duchess of Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
  • Duchess of Vices
  • Dutchess of Yarn
  • Duchess Shop A Lot
  • Duchess Short Stuff
  • Empress of E-Bay
  • Empress of Eccentricity
  • Empress of Elegance
  • Empress of Ha-Ha
  • Empress Mystique
  • Empress Wine-o-Lot
  • Exalted Keeper of the Mindatorium
  • Goddess Gad About
  • Goddess Get it Done
  • Goddess of Frivality
  • Goddess of Garage Sales
  • Goddess of Glitz
  • Goddess of the Green Thumb
  • Governess of Celebration
  • Governess of Nonsense
  • Grand Belle of Flooze and Feathers
  • Grand Dame of Desserts
  • Grand Diva of Pizzazz
  • Grand Duchess of CATerwauling
  • Guardian of Geekdom
  • Healer of Heart and Soul
  • Her Highness Handler of History
  • Her Highness Hot Lips
  • Her Highness Hysterical Historian
  • Her Hot Flushingness
  • Her Royal Hotsy Totsy
  • Her Serene Silliness
  • Her Undeniable Naughtiness
  • High Priestess of Poetry
  • Instigator of Impetuousness
  • La Condessa Loca
  • Lady Adventure
  • Lady Catherine of the Chocolates
  • Lady Centerpiece
  • Lady Crimson
  • Lady Dragonfly
  • Lady Flamingo
  • Lady Hoity Toity
  • Lady Lives It Up To The Last
  • Lady LaDeeDa
  • Lady Late-a-lot
  • Lady Laughs-A-Lott
  • Lady Lock-up
  • Lady Munchkin
  • Lady Tartan-It-Up
  • Lady of Camping
  • Lady of Laughter
  • Lady of Leisure
  • Lady of the Loo
  • Lady Tulips
  • Lady Twinkle Toes
  • Lady of Walking
  • La Femme Fatale
  • La Femme Royale
  • Luscious Lady of the Lake
  • Madam de Plonk
  • Madame LaMuncherie
  • Madam Work in Progress
  • Magical Maestro
  • Miss Chevious
  • Mistress of Anxiety
  • Mistress of Ineptitude
  • Mistress of Manners
  • Mistress of Merriment
  • Mistress of Merriment and Mischief
  • Mistress of the Vast Waistland
  • Periwinkle Princess
  • Pretty Princess
  • Prime Ministress of Rulelessness
  • Princess Delight
  • Princess Procrastination
  • Princess Peoney
  • Princess Picture Perfect
  • Purple Passion Majesty
  • Princess Cind-a-lot of Spend-a-lot
  • Queen a da Ritz
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Queen of Vices
  • Royal Court Damsel
  • Ruler of Secrecy, Mystery and Clever Antics
  • The Chairman Of The Board
  • The Mad Hatter
  • Viscountess of Vast Waistland
  • Viscountess of Visiting
  • Viscountess Von Foo Foo
  • Your Grace Lady Ruby Red


Example Chapter Role Names

(If you have designated roles in the chapter, the titles for those roles could be something like these)

  • Treasurer = Keeper of the Koins, Duchess of Dough, Miss Moneybags, Purveyor of the Purple Privy Purse
  • Secretary/Communications = Town Crier, Contessa d’Communique, Dutchess of Dialing, Empress of Email, Duchess Ding-a-Ling
  • Event Organiser =  Mistress of Tourism, Events Un-Coordinator, Chatelaine of Adventure Outings, Regent of Reservations
  • Birthday Organiser = Baroness of Birthdays, Dame of Dates,
  • Photographer = Countess Shutterbug, Dame Purple Paparazzi, Kountess Kodak, Priestess of Point and Click



Red Hatter Word Search




Download these as a black & white printable