We are creating a group banner where all Victorian Chapters are invited to send in a decorated square, which will all be attached together to form one large banner.

Here’s how it is starting to look!


The banner is made by tying together a square made by each chapter.  This symbolically ties all the chapters together as part of one Sisterhood.  This method also makes it possible to replace/move/add squares as needed.

The squares will be added in roughly the order they are received in (not alphabetically), however squares may be moved around as needed to adjust the overall look of the design.  If you decide to redo your square later you are welcome to do so.

Obsidian (Webmistress of this website) will keep the banner, and will try to ensure that it gets taken around to major conventions/events around Victoria so that everyone has the chance to see it.  It will also be photographed to show the progress.

If you would like to be involved, please read the instructions below – so that we can make sure all the squares are the same size and will work well together.  If you have any questions, or would like to be involved, please email redhatsvictoria@gmail.com



  • 1 square per chapter (or stand alone Queen)
  • Squares must be exactly 6 inches by 6 inches, no overhanging elements
  • Squares must have all edges hemmed or otherwise neatened (no raw edges)
  • Squares must be stiffened with interfacing, multiple layers, wadding or be thick enough to support the weight of any decorations
  • Back of the squares should be either plain fabric or decorated (but not left unfinished)


Size and materials

  • Each Chapter (or stand-alone Queen) may send in one square.
  • The squares must have a finished size of exactly 6inches x 6inches.
  • They can be made from fabric or felt.
    • If using fabric please use at least 3 layers or 2 layers with interfacing for stability.
    • If using felt please use 2 layers.
    • All fabric edges must be hemmed or covered in bias binding so they don’t fray (pinking isn’t sturdy enough). See sewing tips below.  Felt edges would be recommended to be blanket stitched or similar to finish them off nicely.
  • Please ensure that the very corners are kept undecorated (especially if you have glued or painted designs) so that ribbon can be sewn to the corners for hanging your square.  (I’ll sew the ribbon on)



  • Your square should be decorated in Red Hatter style to reflect your chapter.  How much or little you decorate is up to you.
  • You may use any colours you like, however the Society Colours are preferred.
  • The designs can be painted on, sewn on, glued on, applique etc.   Please note that self-adhesive gems are starting to loose their stick on some squares we have already on the banner.  Strong glue or sewing is highly recommended for durability!
  • While only the front of the squares will be visible most of the time, you’re welcome to decorate the back of your square as well if you like.
  • As we want this banner to travel around and last a long time, please make sure your square is durable.   (sewing rather than gluing is recommended for this reason)
  • If you are attaching heavier items, please make sure your square is made from sturdy fabric with a heavy interfacing or felt layer inside to add stability.  Please keep in mind that the square needs to be able to support the weight on it, so don’t go too overboard with heavy accessories – we don’t want floppy squares :D (and we don’t want to have to hire a crane to lift the finished banner!)
  • Your decorations must all fit within your square and not overhang any edges.
  • You may include things like pockets or other 3D elements.  If you have any loose items that would go into a pocket, it must be tethered to your square (chain, ribbon etc.) so it cannot get lost.
  • You must include your Chapter name either on the front as part of the design, or on the back (so we know which chapters each square is from)


Sewing Tips/Ideas

  • If you can’t sew, you can use paint or glue designs on (please make sure the glue is strong enough so things don’t fall off).
  • If you are not sewing your square, please use something like felt as a base, as this won’t fray around the edges.  However you should at least blanket stitch the edges to finish it off nicely and keep the layers together.
  • If sewing your design elements on, it is recommended to sew them to the front fabric piece, then sew the backing piece on after you have finished – so that it hides the sewing.
  • The recommended method for sewing your square is to mark out your 6×6″ square on the front of your fabric with tailors chalk to give you a guide to work in, then cut this square out adding a 1/2 inch seam allowance from your chalked line.  Decorate your square making sure not to decorate too close to your chalk line.  Once decorated, place a backing piece of fabric good side up (with interfacing, or a second layer of fabric behind it) and place your decorated square good side down onto this.  Sew around your square 1/2 inch from the edge (so that it is exactly 6 inches by 6 inches), leaving a gap for turning.  Snip some of the seam allowance off the corners of the squares, then turn your square so that it is facing the right way.  Rub out any tailors chalk marks around the edges.  Either do a top stitch by hand or machine to close the turning hole and neaten the edges so they lay flat.
  • Instead of the turning method, you could also sew your layers together by using a zigzag stitch or handsewn edge and use bias binding/bias tape to edge the square.  If doing this you would cut your square to exactly 6 inches square, decorate then sew your edging on.


Need ideas?

  • If your chapter name includes a word or phrase that you could  use as your main design feature – that’s probably a good place to start.  If it doesn’t, then perhaps think about something that represents what you like to do (shopping, visiting cafes or whatever).  Or just think of general Red Hatting ideas.
  • You could let chapter members each contribute something to the design, or delegate the project to your most crafty member.
  • You could include a pocket that holds a photo of your chapter, or your favourite poem/song  (if doing something like this, please attach a ribbon/chain/cord to the loose items so they are still attached to your square and won’t get lost)
  • You could have each member sign your square using a pen, and have someone embroider them on.
  • You could have each member bring along a little something that represents them and attach them all to the square