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RE Fair Maidens of the round table Convention Feb 24th-26th 2023.

Thank you all for your patience whilst plans for moving our convention from Bayview Hotel to Pullman/ Mercure hotel has taken place. Whilst a lengthy process we feel the outcome has been worth the effort and wait.

Updated Information:

Aussie Red Hat Day (Celebrating 21 years!) – 26th July 2022


Queens Counsel Gathering – May 31 st 2022

Time has come again for a gathering of Queens Vice Queens, Queen Mum’s and Queens to Be.
These gatherings are an important tool for networking amongst chapters, exchanges ideas, sharing problem solving within chapters, and importantly for us to have fun.

As we know all chapters are special and Queens unique, we as Queens have one thing in common and that is our belief that we can help better the lives of others and bring ladies together to share some common interest.

Some of us may have experienced a bit of apprehension when we first joined a chapter and was a bit self conscious wearing a red hat or beret and wearing purple clothes out in public for the first time.

Now for me 10 years into Red Hatting I can”t wait to get out and about with my chapter and love wearing big hats.

It would be beneficial to us all if we can discuss some new topics in Red Hatting and help chapters and other Queens who struggle at times with new members. For every question there is an answer so please come and join Queen Travelot and Down Under Scarlett Belles and have a round table discussion, some lunch a wine or two, tea/coffee .

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