What do Red Hat Ladies do?

Red Hat ladies love to get together for fun times. Dressed to the nines, we dine, shop, picnic or do whatever activities take our fancy.


Event calendars are often decided many months ahead, with some Chapters hosting fabulous events all Hatters are welcome to attend.

New members are made very welcome but there are two main criteria – you need to wear your colours, plus be prepared to have FUN!


pinkiesLadies over 50 years of age are the main focus of the RHS, wearing the distinctive red hats with purple clothing. Younger ladies (generally over the age of 20) are welcome to join in too – however they wear lavender with a pink hat and are known as “Pink Hatters”.

See the RHS Website for more info.



To join us, find a group (Chapter) in your area and contact them for further information.


RHS Mission Statement

We are a global society that connects, supports and encourages women in their pursuit of fun, friendship, freedom, fulfilment and fitness.

  • Fun – we celebrate life at every age and stage
  • Friendship – we solidify and support the expansion of the bonds of sisterhood
  • Freedom – we discover and explore new interests and renew abandoned ones
  • Fulfilment – we realise our personal potential
  • Fitness – we embrace healthy, life-lengthening lifestyles